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Once Upon a Time April 15 is a rerun of What Happened to Frederick

Note: This post is from last year. If you are looking for info about the April 2013 schedule, break, and reruns, please see this: Another OUAT hiatus

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"What Happened to Frederick" behind the scenes

Just a reminder that tonight’s episode (Sunday, April 15, 2012) is a rerun of What Happened To Frederick (episode 13).

The show will be back with a new episode next week. There are only four more new episodes this season! Here’s the schedule for the rest of the season:

April 15, 2012 (tonight) rerun of What Happened to Frederick

April 22, 2012 The Return

April 29, 2012 The Stranger

May 6, 2012 Apple Red as Blood

May 13, 2012 Season Finale: A Land Without Magic

Once Upon a Time going on 2-week hiatus April 8 and April 15

Once Upon a Time What Happened to Frederick

August W. Booth adding pages to Henry's book in Episode 13 "What Happened to Frederick," which will be rerun on April 15

ABC previously announced that it would be showing a rerun instead of a new episode on April 8, 2012. Now, it’s announced that it will also be showing a rerun the following week, April 15, 2012.

After that it should be smooth sailing all the way to the finale on May 13, 2012 with no more breaks. Continue reading

Quick Cap — Episode 13 What Happened to Frederick — Recap, Review, etc.

Once Upon a Time What Happened to FrederickIn this Prince-Charming-centric episode we find out that Abigail/Katherine isn’t so bad after all, but the Evil Queen (still) is. We learn the Mysterious Stranger’s name; Henry gets his book back, except it’s not exactly his book; Mary Margaret breaks up with David; and Katherine disappears. Continue reading

Recap coming

Update: Should be up by 12:30-ish.

I’ll be posting the recap for Episode 13 “What Happened to Frederick” later tonight — probably around midnight Eastern time. Hope to see you then, if you’re still awake!

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