Another hiatus for Once Upon a Time (AFTER 2×18 “Selfless, Brave and True”)

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Reminder: A special called The Price of Magic aired on Sunday, April 14. There will be a new episode on April 21.

Once Upon a Time is taking another break — this time for three weeks. First week (March 31) was an enhanced rerun of 2×09 Queen of Hearts. The second week (April 7) was an enhanced rerun of 2×16 The Miller’s Daughter. This coming Sunday (April 14) will be a special called The Price of Magic. Then on April 21, the new episode Lacey. More details and a couple of polls — asking if you are annoyed about the break, and what you are going to do until the new episodes return — are after the jump.

On Sunday, March 31, at 8:00 to 9:00, there was an enhanced rerun of 2×09 Queen of Hearts.

The network announced in advance that the enhanced rerun “will have text on the screen and will ‘let viewers in’ on clues within the show.” It sounded like the enhanced reruns they used to have on LOST, where there were comments in a box at the bottom of the screen that pointed out connections between characters and scenes, but it turned out that the comments were much more basic — more filling in background for new viewers than telling regular viewers anything we didn’t already know.

On Sunday, April 7, at 8:00 to 9:00, there was an enhanced rerun of 2×16 The Miller’s Daughter.

On Sunday, April 14, a special called The Price of Magic will air. This is going to be a look back at what happened in Season 2. The network promises “inside scoop” from series creators Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who will also tease the rest of the season.

On Sunday, April 21, there will be a new episode called Lacey. Lacey is the Storybrooke name of Belle, so it seems safe to assume this will be a Belle-centric episode.

After that, there will be three more episodes, for a total of four new episodes for Season 2.

I don’t know why the show is taking another break, other than my usual theory that whenever there is a break, the network is trying to stretch out the season so that the finale will be broadcast during Sweeps Week.

I’ll update this post if I find out more.

Summary of schedule:

March 24, 2013: New episode 2×18 Selfless, Brave and True
March 31, 2013: Enhanced rerun 2×09 Queen of Hearts
April 7, 2013: Enhanced rerun 2×16 The Miller’s Daughter
April 14, 2013: Special: The Price of Magic
April 21, 2103: New episode 2×19 Lacey
Then, three more new episodes. The following dates and episode names are from Wikipedia (not yet official):
April 28, 2103: 2×20 The Evil Queen
May 5, 2103: 2×21 Second Star to the Right
May 12, 2103: 2×22 And Straight on ‘Til Morning (season finale)


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13 responses to “Another hiatus for Once Upon a Time (AFTER 2×18 “Selfless, Brave and True”)

  1. Strange why they do this. It would be interesting up understand what is going on. To me, the reason can’t be a good one because of the loss of advertising dollars. I would suspect it is a writing issue. They are having a problem coming up with enough meaningful stories between now and the season finale story that will air sometime in May.

  2. I agree it is a writing issue and it shows in the episodes.

    • Yeah, I think the show has gotten too dark for kids to watch. All this talk about murdering people. What’s the message they are sending. Plus the line between good and evil has gotten gray. For the young mind it must be confusing why Rumple sometimes seems like an ok guy, other times an evil imp.

      • I didnt really like last sundays episode but The Millers Daughter 2 weeks ago was my favorite episode of the season. Just because one episode isnt that great doesnt mean anything. Its getting to the end of the season so something big will happen soon.

  3. I hate when Once goes on break it is my favorite show, and I cant wait till sundays because its my favorite night of the week. This break will be really annoying.

  4. Breaks are bad. There are many shows I stopped watching because of breaks. I got tired of waiting for them and eventually lost interest. I wonder how many people they lost because a couple weeks were missed, and peoples attention went elsewhere.
    People like me will always be a fan of the show. It’s the regulars that could take it or leave it I’m worried about. I’m afraid the ratings will fall even more.

  5. The problem with too many breaks is that you run the risk of fans losing interest. I’m not one of them, but some people might start thinking “Oh, another break, what’s going on? I’m not going to watch something that has to take a break every 3 weeks.”

  6. I agree with Kate. I’ll stick around for the show, but I’m thinking “Ugh! Another break!” I don’t watch that much TV so when “my show” takes a hiatus, it’s frustrating. I can’t imagine it’d be a writing issue. Don’t they write out the episodes for an entire season at a time? Or at least have them filmed already, so by the time begin airing the writers are working on a potential next season? It’s like a novel; you can’t just release the first half without any thoughts as to what will happene at the end. Loose ends, plot twists, especially a show like Once where a small detail in an earlier episode finally makes sense in a later episode. That’s not by chance. I’m sure a 3 week break is the networks doing for whatever reason.

  7. This break nonsense has been a constant problem nowadays. Along with incessant switching of time slots, no wonder they can’t build an audience for any new series! As for writing, all series have their great and not-so-great episodes, but the story usually advances enough to hold interest. Real fans will indeed follow along no matter what the suits at the American Bungling Company do, but it does seem that the better, Vancouver-produced series seem more prone to this silly break baloney…In any event, may OUAT live on for a long time!

  8. Not happy with the break. A person can forget or get lost with the story line. I say start the season after the first of each year. This way there will be new shows every Sunday. It’s hard to keep track of what is going on when the show will air as a new show, then go out on break, then bring back re-runs. Too confusing.

  9. Rumple and Cora were superb in The Miller’s Daughter, one of the best episodes of OUAT. Robert Carlyle portrays Rumple exquisitely. Meanwhile, the writers should spin more depth into the characters of Snow and the Prince. This couple is fast becoming the most boring vanilla team in all of Storybrooke.

    • SW and PC where a more interesting couple when they were battling to be together. I guess the chase sometimes is more exciting then the ketch.

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