Once Upon a Time renewed for fourth season

Michael Socha,  who played Will Scarlet (the Knave of Hearts) in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will be joining the OUAT cast

Michael Socha will be joining the OUAT cast when the show comes back for its fourth season

Although the renewal has been rumored for a while, tonight was the first time ABC officially announced it.

Also, Michael Socha, who played Will in the canceled OUAT-Wonderland, will be moving over to Once Upon a Time, where he will become a regular cast member.

3 responses to “Once Upon a Time renewed for fourth season

  1. Once upon a time in wonderland was canceled?! I thought it played all the way through?… They need to bring Anastasia over also.. Since they are lovebirds now. Hehe

  2. They did play it through, but there had also been some talk that they might continue next year with a different story with the same cast — until the network said “no more.”

  3. The exec in charge at ABC(can’t recall his name) admitted that they made a mistake by not airing Wonderland during OUAT’s winter hiatus as originally planned. It died in the ratings in the Thursday time slot. Naturally the official line is now that Wonderland was always intended as a single season show. Personally, I never embraced it as I did with OUAT—-which I’m so glad is returning for season 4!

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