What did you think of 3×19 “A Curious Thing”?

Sunny Mabrey as Glinda, the Good Witch, in A Curious Thing, aired 4/27/14

Sunny Mabrey as Glinda, the Good Witch, in A Curious Thing, aired 4/27/14

12 responses to “What did you think of 3×19 “A Curious Thing”?

  1. This episode was really cool.
    It should have been titled ‘A Necessary Evil’.
    I’m confused about the WWW’s powers and the amulet thing.
    She didn’t need the garish emrald-looking thing before….why now?

  2. Glinda said that she had given Zelena the amulet (a long time ago, presumably) to help Zelena focus the power she was born with. I don’t remember for sure, but I think that every time we’ve seen Zelena get dressed, she does put on the amulet.

    • No, I don’t think so. I don’t remember an amulet/pendant when she was training with Rumpel. I don’t remember one when she returned to Oz after her training with Rumpel and used magic on the Wizard turning him into a monkey, moving him telekinetically, activating a magic mirror, etc. (It’s not Easy Being Green)
      The only time she had that broach was in Storybrook. I always just thought it was a remembrance of OZ. In ‘It’s not Easy Being Green’ she turned green and possessed magic without it.
      The previews for the next episodes shows her wearing the amulet/broach and she’s not green yet.
      They made this amulet thing up at the last second, and didn’t think twice that people would catch that it wasn’t needed in past episodes.
      It stood out like a sore green thumb to me when they mentioned it. That’s why I commented on it.
      But hey, it’s obvious the writers don’t care about their own canon. They’ve pulled this stunt so many times people just expect it. It’s an irritant :).
      I think the reason people find this show so confusing is because the writers don’t stick to their own stories.
      They clearly defined the laws of Magic, and I think they’ve broken every single one of them. Their back-filled stories barely match previous stories and there are glaringly obvious things that don’t make sense.
      It just seems careless to me when it doesn’t have to be.

      • It’s entirely possibly that Glinda gave Zelena the pendant after Zelena’s time with Rumpelstiltskin. When she left Rumple she was still having trouble controlling her power. Wasn’t Glinda also trying to help her with that?

        We also don’t know all the facts about her skin turning green—-does it come and go, is it permanent?

        I honestly don’t think you’re giving the writers enough credit. The show can get confusing at times but I imagine that they plan out certain details very carefully. I never watched LOST but I’ve read comments from viewers who did and they are very observant and detail-oriented. I don’t think that connection is lost on Adam and Eddie.

        • I disagree with the detail-oriented comment. I have clearly spelled out , in detail, over the course of this story how things were left out.
          Maybe this is not a good time to let you know that there were 2 viles of ‘remembering potion’. It was very clear that Zelena drank one, and the other was snatched by Bae when he temporarily escaped Rumpel’s body. That second vile was sent to hook who gave it to Emma.
          How, then, did Rumpel remember past events and identify the witch? He didn’t drink the potion.
          Details are clearly not a strong suit of the writers.

          • Perhaps you’re forgetting that Rumple and Zelena shared a past, a pre-original curse past. Snow, Charming, Rumple et. al. were missing their memories of the past year, not of their entire FTL lives. Certainly Rumple would recognize Zelena just as he’d recognize Regina, Belle or Emma or any of the rest of them, and the fact that Zelena has his dagger and is holding him captive pretty much proves to him that she’s up to no good—-whether he remembers the missing year or not. I stand by previous my comments.

  3. I enjoyed this episode and the twist as to who cast the curse; that reveal was a total surprise. Snow and Charming had me crying for the first time since the winter finale. And poor Killian—–no good deed goes unpunished. I still think the plots move too quickly but that seems to be the show’s standard “M-O” now. I can’t believe this season is just about over:(

  4. Agreed. Now, we have to understand how Hook was able to get to Emma. Regina mentioned on two different occasions that there are no more portals. The link between realms doesn’t exist. The only way to get to our world is with the Dark Curse. How did Hook get here? He escaped the curse right?

    • My guess is that the “how” Hook got to New York may explain the disappearance of the Jolly Roger. The only thing he loved as much as Emma was that ship and perhaps he sacrificed it to get to her.

  5. Yeah, and Rumple lying to Belle about the dagger and avenging Bae’s death…that’s not going to come back to bite him in the butt AT ALL, is it?

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