Poll/discussion 3×08 “Think Lovely Thoughts”

Young Rumple's father giving him the doll

Young Rumple’s father giving him the doll

Henry about to give his heart to Pan

Henry about to give his heart to Pan

Did the episode make you think lovely or ugly thoughts?

13 responses to “Poll/discussion 3×08 “Think Lovely Thoughts”

  1. I am having a seizure!!!!

  2. Aright by far the best episode of the season never saw pan being rumples father, my mind was totally blown!!

  3. sooooooo unexpected!!!!!!!!!! and the plot thickens!!!!! love this show sooooo much. just when we thought where else can this go. they throw in that awesome curve balllll!!!!!

  4. I agree — best episode of the season.

  5. Awesome episode!! I loved it. Were the three thread spinners the Three Fates?
    I cheated and saw some photo stills from the production.
    [Riles — I deleted the spoiler. There’s no way to prevent someone from seeing it even with the warning. — Marj]
    Earlier, these sites revealed Peter was Rumpel’s father. I need to stop reading those things….kinda ruins suspense…couldn’t help it.
    I’m sure Regina, Charming,Snow,Hook,Emma will fix it all. It will be exciting to see how.
    I predicted Pan getting Henry’s heart. Last episode’s teaser showed Henry shoving a heart in Pan. You have to slow it down with your DVR, but there it is. Very fast but very clear in slow-mo.

  6. Great episode. While watching with my husband I said I bet pan is Rumples father somehow. It was awesome when it was revealed. I actually jumped up and yelled. Lol. I dunno if it’s because I know how the writers structure the episodes or if I just been watching this show too long but it was just a tad predictable. But awesome. Yay. Is Henry a goner or what?

  7. The episode was a bit anticlimactic for me as I too came to suspect that Peter Pan was Rumple’s father. I also felt that the writers tried to cram too much into this episode and glossed over moments that should have been more significant, specifically Emma finding a way to get David off the island and keep her family together. I’d be interested to see any deleted scenes from this epi. I would have liked to have heard what Hook and Tinkerbell and Snow and David were talking about while Emma, Neal, Gold and Regina were off to find Henry and Pan. I don’t like being told that something happened or things were said——I want to see it, especially if it involves the Charmings.

    Last but not least, rather than take the heart of the truest believer couldn’t Pan have simply flipped the hour glass over? Hmmm.

  8. I thought it was great. We finally know why Pan needed Henry’s heart and the family tree got bigger and weirder. I had suspected that Pan and Rumple were related by I imagined brothers, not father/son.

  9. The one thing I LOVED was how Rumple’s dad (aka Peter Pan – named after that DOLL…we don’t know his real name at all yet) giggled…just like Rumple does when he’s in full-on Dark One mode. So now we know where that comes from. It also nicely explains how Peter happened to have the doll in the first place and why he knew how it would affect Rumple. Still hard to believe he’d take the heart of this great grandson – even Rumple won’t harm his own blood.

    But is anyone else really worried about how Rumple’s going to get out of that box?

    • Maybe Henry will get him out? Since the next episode is called “Save Henry,” it would be a nice twist if Henry turns around and saves Rumple.

      I’m wondering if Rumple completely misinterpreted the prophecy. Maybe his “undoing” will be something like the undoing of the hardness of his heart?

      I loved the giggling too.

  10. On the subject of father like son, did you guys notice the Scottish accent of adult pan, then the English accent of young pan? Sorry I just couldn’t help myself….

  11. Marj, I have been telling my self and sometimes my husband, this whole time, that Rumple has the prophecy all wrong. I do not think his “undoing” is his death, but rather, his undoing as the Dark One and perhaps the powers that come with it. I think Henry will help Rumple become a family man, completely the opposite of what he has been. Perhaps Rumples shadow will play a part in his release from the box?
    And yes Dawn, I noticed too. Also that they could have found an actor to look a little more like a grown up Pan, with those ears and neck, right? I think the Scottish accent played with the fact that Rumple has one as well. Perhaps changing his accent was something that helped Pan to believe he was young again? Or perhaps as a boy he *did* have a different accent, and he moved away and developed a new one. Not entirely unheard of. I know an American gal who has lived in Ireland for around 10 years now, and her voice lilts with an Irish accent just as much as an American one. Theories, theories.

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