Why did Rumpelstiltskin cry when he saw the doll? (poll)

Update #2 We saw Rumple’s father giving young Rumple the doll in episode 3×08 Think Lovely Thoughts. Rumple’s father told his son that he was going away for a while to find a real job and that the doll was to keep Rumple company while his father was away. In reality, his father was hanging out in the pubs.

Update: We learned in “Lost Girl,” the second episode of the season, that the doll was the last thing that Rumpel had received from his father before his father left him.

New question: The doll is made of straw. Could there be any connection between that and Rumpel’s ability to spin straw into gold?

Original post below:

In a scene near the end of the Season 3 premiere episode, we learn that Rumple and Peter Pan are old enemies, and that Rumple believes he won’t survive their next encounter.

Then the Lost Boy tells Rumple that there is something Pan wanted him to have. The Lost Boy tosses a doll on the ground and says, in a sinister tone, “Isn’t it funny how the things we haven’t thought about in years still have the ability to make us cry.”

And Rumple does cry. Here’s a clip of the scene: (Update: clip no longer available — Hulu pulled it)

Why do you think Rumple is crying? I threw out some ideas in the poll below. Do you agree with any of them, or do you have a different theory or theories? Poll results after the jump:

10 responses to “Why did Rumpelstiltskin cry when he saw the doll? (poll)

  1. I think the doll belonged to Rumples brother. And his brother is Peter Pan. This is why we will meet Rumples Father this season.

  2. Lost boy mentioned that ” the things we haven’t thought about in years, still have the ability to make us cry?..” Therefore, Rumpelstiltskin used to be lost boy and being coward and escape neverland..

  3. I think the doll is Rump’s from childhood. I also think he has at least one tyrannical parent and that is why he was such a wimp before he became the Dark One. Many abused children grow up to be demure and cowardly adults, sadly. I think too, that is why Rump came into the Dark One’s violence so easily. Pent up rage….

    • that makes a lot of sense. All the pieces fit with your theory, and the quote ” the things we haven’t thought about in years, still have the ability to make us cry?..” that a lost boy said also makes sense with that because so far he hasn’t really recalled his childhood unless he has too.

  4. As soon as i saw that seen i shouted “Peter Pan is Rumpelstiltskin’s brother!”. I’m so glad I’ve found other fans who thought of the same idea. i believe Peter Pan will use this to get Rumple to join his side and near the end of the season he has a change of heart and decides to help the group (Emma, Hook, Snow, ect.) to save his grandson and in the final battle against Peter Pan Rumple has the idea of using the shadows (after hearing from Pan that they still exist) to aid them in the defeat of Pan and the lost Boys.

  5. I also so think that Anna’s Friend has a great idea and is another thing i also thought about in previous episodes.

  6. Just read over my previous comments and when i say that they still exist i mean the shadows are still around and they will be pretty angry with Pan.
    and also i spelled scene wrong – I wrote down seen.

  7. i think that Peter Pan is rumps farther, thats why he had the doll, it was from his past

  8. I always thought that it was Neal’s toy, but after reading all the other comments, I’ve realized that that would not make too much sense because the lost boy said ” the things we haven’t thought about in years, still have the ability to make us cry?..” then I thought that that couldn’t of been Neal because he’s always thinking about Neal. What would make more sense if it was rumples childhood doll because he doesn’t really think of his past much.

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