Who is driving the car that hits Hook at the end of “The Outsider”?

Car hitting Hook at the end of 2x11 ""The Outsider"

Car hitting Hook at the end of 2×11 “”The Outsider”

On an earlier post, we’ve been talking about the possible meaning of 2KFL138, the Pennsylvania license plate that the camera focuses on at the very end of the episode. Here’s a related question (that some people have already started discussing on the earlier post):

Who is the driver of the car?

Why is he or she entering Storybrooke? Did the driver deliberately try to hit Rumpelstilskin and/or Belle? Is it someone we have seen before, or at least heard of?

Let’s look at some of the clues. (After the jump) (possible spoilers)

1. In ABC’s official episode description for next week’s episode (2×12 In the Name of the Brother), it says, “Dr. Whale is tasked with mending Hook’s wounds and performing surgery on the stranger whose car crashed upon entering Storybrooke.” So we know that Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein cannot be the stranger. (Thanks to Anonymous at 11:43 am and Lars Davis for pointing this out in the license plate post comments.) This also, by the way, tells us that Hook is still alive.

2. In the official description for episode 2×11 The Outsider, the role of “outsider” — written just like that, with the “o” uncapitalized — is credited to guest star Ethan Embry. According to TV Line, this is a “recurring role.”

Ethan Embry is listed again as a guest star in the official description for next week’s 2×12 In the Name of the Brother. But in that listing, instead of being credited as “outsider,” he is credited as “stranger” — again, oddly, with a lower-case initial cap (perhaps to indicate that it is not his actual name?).

Actor Eion Bailey was also credited as “stranger” (with a lower-case “s”!) when he first appeared in Season One’s True North, before we knew his character’s names were August W. Booth and Pinocchio.

Do you think there is any signficance in Embry’s role being called “outsider” in one episode and “stranger” in the next? Or is that reading too much into an unimportant thing?

Do you think the episode title — The Outsider — refers only to the driver of the car?

3. This screenshot from the preview for next week’s episode shows (I think) what the outsider/stranger looks like:

The stranger/outsider (I think) as seen in the preview for 2x12 In the Name of the Brother

The stranger/outsider (I think) as seen in the preview for 2×12 In the Name of the Brother

Here’s the whole preview:

4. Do you think there is any significance to next week’s episode title, In the Name of the Brother? Could the outsider/stranger be someone’s brother?

5. In case it helps to look at it again, here’s a snip of The Outsider‘s ending:

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  1. Interesting enough is the comment made on this webpage…

  2. He kind of looks like Hansel and Gretal’s dad maybe his brother!!!

  3. Darn. So it’s not the mysterious man, aka Neil,(aka, in my opinion, Baelfire). Now I just don’t know. Unless Neil really isn’t Bae, and THIS guy is(thus preventing Rumple from leaving. But Ethan Embry is a lovable, goofy kind of person…not Bae material.

    • I’ve seen Ethan Embry play a crazy bad guy too, so I’m pretty sure he could be the inbetween and be Bae. The reason I don’t think he is is because he doesn’t have that look like,”oh that could be Baelfire, it kinda looks like him…” Neil on the other hand I believe does have that quality a little.

  4. I still think Neal is Bae too, and I’m stumped about who the new mysterious stranger could be. It seems like everyone who we’ve expected to turn up (assuming Neal really is Bae) has already turned up. Could Bae have a brother?? Maybe a half-brother, the child of Milah and Hook?

  5. Did anyone talk about the possibility of his being Frankenstein’s brother? Lightening flashed as the car crashed and there’s been some talk about him being someone’s brother. If Dr. Whale/Dr. F has to operate on him in Storybrooke, but no one knows who he is after that, well of course, cos Dr. F isn’t going to advertise he’s a corpse re-animator by trade to those who don’t already know. This also gives Regina an opportunity to kill off the brother who received the heart Daniel did not receive. Which kind of puts her in a bad position regarding her promise to Henry. After being found innocent of Pesticide, can she withhold revenge for this betrayal?

  6. LOL at Pesticide! Like the idea of the mysterious stranger being Frankenstein’s brother — would certainly make it interesting to have one brother responsible for saving the other.

  7. Grimm Brothers.

  8. Shahs……..hahaha…..Hook got run over by that car >:) ….it could possibly be that Frankenstiens brother could be the stranger that came into Storybrooke ….and again wtf is going to happen to Belle!!!!!!

  9. The outsider is played by Ethan Embry. Neal is played by Michael Raymond-James, and Frankenstein’s brother/monster is played by Chad Michael Collins. So neither of them could be the outsider.
    It is also unlikely that the outsider is Baelfire. Assuming that time passed equally in the Enchanted Forest and our world (except during the curse), Baelfire would be at least in his early 40s at this point. We don’t know exactly how much time passed between Rumple becoming the Dark One and the curse. Considering Hook hasn’t aged much since the affair with Rumple’s wife it appears that not much time passed. (This could be of no importance though, since Hook lives in Neverland, where no one grows up). On the other hand… Rumple talks about holding Regina as a baby, and that suggests that at least 20-25 years have passed (making Bael somewhere in his 60s).

    So sadly, it is unlikely that either Neal (who would be about 35 years old now) or the outsider is Bael. :(

  10. I’m so convinced that Neal Cassady is Bae that I’m willing to accept that time passes differently in FTL and in our world — or whatever else it would take to make the Neal=Bae theory work, LOL. I really want Rumple to be Henry’s grandfather.

  11. 2KFL138… mirror that and that becomes 831LFK2



  12. I would love for it to be Peter!

  13. ABC has released the the name of the driver! (warning: post at that link contains several spoilers about an upcoming episode)

  14. Initially I thought it would be Emma’s ex/Henry’s father and that he finally found Emma, but then she would know and Emma wouldn’t hide it if she knew. Well I think the brother is referring to Whale’s brother (that he is trying to resurrect) so I don’t think the brother refers to the driver of the car because then he would know who it was (unless he’s hiding it for some reason).

  15. Oh and I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope SEBASTIAN STAN comes back as the Mad Hatter eventually in this season! I loved him!

  16. He can’t possibly be Frankenstein’s brother because his brother is played by a different actor

  17. The driver might be jack from jack and the beanstalk, the next episode has the giant and the drivers name is Greg Mendel. Gregory Mendel was a 19th century monk whose experiments with pea plants led to breakthroughs in genetics.

  18. Rumps is Regina’s daddy. RMJ =Bae =Pan, hence the hatred for Hook. maybe the Driver of the car is a Lost boy, and the her is Wendy.

    • Rumple is not Regina’s dad, pardon my attitude, don’t be dumb. Thy hate eachother with a passion and we already know who her dad is.

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