Any significance to the license plate number on the car that hit Hook?

The car that hit Hook at the end of “The Outsider” had a Pennsylvania license plate, number 2KFL138. What do you think the significance, if any, is of that state and number?

(edited to add screenshot):

2KFL 138 license plate from the end of OUAT 2x11 The Outsider

License plate shown in the final seconds of The Outsider

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  1. It’s clearly going to be Simba. I don’t know how you’ve all missed that. 😛

  2. Robin hood perhaps? Pennsylvania’s name translates Penn’s Woods like sherwood. 2k – took or take (something robin did very well), F for Friar Tuck, L for Little John. And the merry men were supposedly 140 in number (less the two I already named is 138). Her is maids Marian. Just a theory.

  3. 2KFL-138 is a Star Wars reference. And not the first in the episode. First, let’s break down the plate number. 2K is shorthand for the number 2000. And the year 2000 was referred to as the Millennium (Y2K?) FL is shorthand for Falcon. So, 2KFL means “Millennium Falcon.” And just the drive the point home, the number 138 is a reference to George Lucas’ THX-138 sound system.

    When Emma and the crew are ushered into a private hospital room, they go into room R2-42. R2 being a clear reference to R2D2. The 42 in the hospital room number tells you (since 42 is the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything) “The Answer to The Stranger’s Identity has something to do with R2.” Then of course, Greg’s cell phone rings, with his ringtone being the Star Wars theme.

    • That makes a lot of sense since Disney just bought Star Wars ha

    • That’s interesting — and it might be the solution! Especially with the Star Wars theme ringtone, which suggests that the show’s creators may now be planting Star Wars references, just as they had been placing LOST references, as a kind of tribute.

      The number associated with a lot of George Lucas stuff is 1138, not 138 — but the license plate in Lucas’ American Graffiti was THX 138.

  4. Thank you sara

  5. The “Outsider” is the White Rabbit from Wonderland.

    • I don’t think he is anybody special, just a threat to Storybrooke’s secrets.

      • I whole heartedly believe he is from the Star Wars Universe or thinks our characters are.
        The magic he saw Regina do could easily be mistaken for the force, his ringtone is the the Star Wars theme song, in the episode that he got surgery the room Whale dragged everyone into to talk about him was R2-42, forth letter of the alphabet: D so D2. The writers love dropping Star Wars references.

        • Hahaha, you are probably correct, but how many times do we have to give homage to something. It’s not cannon to the story.

  6. sara well done except for the Douglas Adams reference R2-42 more likely the 4 being 4th letter of the alphabet oh is t? yes it is D

  7. KFL is a kingfisher airline, so perhaps it’s the Fisher King?

  8. R2D2 is in reference to George Lucas when he was making American Graffiti. When wrapping up the filming he had another edit to make and asked his assistant for Reel 2, Dialogue 2 – shortened becomes R2D2, and that was the last edit it made to the film American Graffiti

  9. It could be Colonial Sander’s hip and “millennial”, health-conscious cousin, the leader of Kentucky Fried Lettuce (2K (millennial); KFL)). He only weighs a fit 138lbs.

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