Once Upon a Time going on 2-week hiatus April 8 and April 15

Once Upon a Time What Happened to Frederick

August W. Booth adding pages to Henry's book in Episode 13 "What Happened to Frederick," which will be rerun on April 15

ABC previously announced that it would be showing a rerun instead of a new episode on April 8, 2012. Now, it’s announced that it will also be showing a rerun the following week, April 15, 2012.

After that it should be smooth sailing all the way to the finale on May 13, 2012 with no more breaks.

The April 8 rerun, as previously announced, will be the Snow/Charming/Mary Margaret/David-centric Episode 10 7:15 A.M.. The April 15 rerun will be the Charming/Abigail/David/Katherine-centric Episode 13 What Happened to Frederick, the episode where Katherine disappears. This is also the episode where we first learn the mysterious stranger’s name (August Wayne Booth) and where we see him fiddling with Henry’s book.

If you think about these episodes, 7:15 A.M. may have some enthusiastic fans, but I think few people would consider What Happened to Frederick one of their favorites — and neither episode seems to be nearly as popular as Skin Deep. So the powers that be must have picked the episodes for some reason other than their being fan favorites.

Both episodes are about David and his relationships. When ABC first announced they were rerunning 7:15 A.M., I thought that was a sign that something would be happening, in the rest of this season, in the David/Mary Margaret storyline. Now that they are also rerunning What Happened to Frederick, I think that means that they will also be showing us what happened to Katherine — assuming she is still alive, which I’m pretty sure she is.

Here’s what the schedule now looks like for the rest of the season:

April 1 The Stable Boy (episode 18, new)

April 8 7:15 A.M. (episode 10, rerun)

April 15 What Happened to Frederick (episode 13, rerun)

April 22 The Return (episode 19, new. It will be a Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin episode written by Jane Espenson –I’m excited!)

April 29 The Stranger (episode 20, new)

May 6 Apple Red as Blood (episode 21, new)

May 13 A Land Without Magic (Season Finale, episode 22, new)

13 responses to “Once Upon a Time going on 2-week hiatus April 8 and April 15

  1. You assume that every OUAT fan loved Skin Deep……..never assume.

  2. Fair enough. I would guess that more fans would pick Skin Deep as their favorite than would pick 7:15 A.M. as their favorite, but there are certainly plenty of fans who would pick 7:15 A.M. as their favorite episode, and/or who liked it more than they liked Skin Deep, and/or who didn’t like Skin Deep very much at all.

    But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that very few people would pick What Happened to Frederick as their favorite episode of the season. So that’s an even more surprising pick for the rerun slot, if they were choosing episodes on popularity alone. I really think they picked it as a lead-in to the new episode that will come after, and I would bet a million (virtual!) dollars that we will find out what happened to Katherine on April 22.

  3. Pat Rueschmann

    Why is the show going to be finished in May. will it start up again in the fall or what. I like this show its the best, but Snow should not be in that situation as she was a little girl what did she know. The evil queen shouldnt hold that against a kid.

    • It will be back in the fall. I don’t know if there’s been an official announcement about that yet, but this show has been a huge hit for the network, and there’s no way they wouldn’t bring it back next year for Season 2 — and probably for several years after that.

  4. Skin Deep was okay. It seems it was a fan favorite because of the Mr. Gold actor. Anyway I think my favorite episode was when David kept pursuing Mary M and then when they finally kissed. I adore them!

  5. I still don’t know they are so many breaks for OUAT. Are they supposed to build up anticipation for the episodes? One week I can deal with, but two weeks? I don’t want to see a repeat unless they come out with Season 1 DVD. I know there are people who beg to differ, that’s okay, but I really like to continue the series without so many breaks.

  6. Come on, did you seriously forget to mention WHY ABC decided to take a two-week hiatus? That’s one of the most basic elements of any story/article. Unless ABC didn’t offer an exact reason, but even then, you should at the very least state that in the story.

  7. Looks like I found one reason for the hiatus — ABC is apparently testing its new TV series “GCB” in the timeslot of “Once Upon A Time.” However, it doesn’t appear it will be permanent, at least while “Once Upon A Time” is still airing new episodes.

    Please mention the “why” next time in your postings. I shouldn’t have to do your job for you.

  8. Please, no personal sniping — this is a kinder, gentler blog. ABC did not give any reason for any of the show’s various hiatuses, as far as I know. My guess is that it’s nothing more than their wanting to make sure the season doesn’t end too early, so they can get the finale into sweeps week.

  9. Any word on whether the network will rebroadcast the season in its entirety? Possibly on ABC Family? We’ve turned so many people on to this show mid-stream and they’d love to see it from the beginning.

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