What did Snow White do to the Evil Queen?

(Update 9/20/12): This post was written before the show revealed what Snow White did that made the Evil Queen hate her so much. To find out what she did, see the recap for episode 18, The Stable Boy.

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The Evil Queen and Snow White in front of the coffin of Snow White's father (behind the scenes, Episode 7 "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter")

ABC said in a press release that in an upcoming show (not tonight’s, but the one after that — Episode 18 Stable Boy, airing April 1) “the event that caused the Evil Queen to loathe Snow White [will be] revealed.”

Can you predict what the event will be?

We saw in an earlier episode that the Evil Queen said that Snow White betrayed her by revealing a secret. What do you think the Evil Queen’s secret was?

So that’s two (very closely related) questions: What was the event, and what was the secret?

Anyone who guesses either or both correctly will get a shout-out in a future post.

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  1. Here’s my (very wild) guess: The Evil Queen had a child, but she couldn’t tell anyone she was the child’s mother (because she had the child while she was unmarried?). Even though the child was a secret, she was still able to sneak off, now and then, and visit him/her. Snow White found out about the child, and told her father (who was married to the EQ at the time?). Her father banished the child, so that the EQ could no longer see him/her, and then the father turned icy cold (as we’ve seen) toward the EQ — so then the EQ decided to kill him. What do you think? It’s preposterous — but possible.

  2. Wow! I think that’s possible.

    How would that tie into the idea from the show that one is not born evil, but through one’s acts and choices, becomes evil? At what point in her life did the queen begin to turn to the “dark side” (like Anikin Skywalker did)–before or after she met Snow’s father?

    • I think it fits in really well with the idea of evil being made, not born. I guess we’ll have to see, though, if the “event” with Snow White is what turned the EQ to evil, or if the EQ was evil before that and is just using whatever Snow White did to her as an excuse.

  3. I always thought it was obvious,
    Regina loves the Stable Boy, but her mom wants her to marry Snow’s father. She plans to run away with the Stable Boy and tells Snow about it, but Snow spills the beans and the Stable Boy is sentenced to death.

  4. Theory1:
    The Queen fell in love with someone(probably of lower standing). However, this was before her marriage, maybe she was just engaged to the King at that time, and she revealed her secret to Snow White or maybe Snow White found out and the Queen was forced to tell her who she was in love with. And then Snow White perhaps accidentally blurted it out to her father(The King), and he was consumed by a jealous rage and had the Queen’s love executed.

    Theory 2:
    After her marriage, the Queen fell in love with someone(perhaps from the court or the Royal Guards). And maybe she took him as a lover. Maybe. Snow White chances upon them, or perhaps the Queen felt a need to confide in someone and Snow’s loving nature made her the perfect candidate. Of course Snow couldn’t keep such an act of betrayal to herself and told her father the truth (tactfully, of course). The King, furious and not mention jealous, had the guard executed, perhaps in front of the Queen as a punishment.

  5. Late comment, the show has already been aired. But I am only on episode 7, so here’s my theory.
    The EQ didn’t really love the king. I am guessing (you won’t believe my guess) the EQ kept a diary, too. The diary, of course, looks very old and was hidden in a secret compartment in the library.Snow just happened to ‘stumble’ upon it, and being the curious girl she was (hey, she went in a stranger’s, or 7, cottage which could’ve been a death trap) read it. It stated:
    August 19, 1574–
    Today I managed to marry the king and my real husband and I are very rich. I simply MUST be the heir to the throne. I plan to put an end to the king when he least expects it.
    Snow ‘accidently’ told all her friends, who ‘accidently’ told all their friends… You get the point, the cycle goes on ans=d on and on ’til everyone knows. By then, of course, the king knew. EQ’s actual husband was banished, and put in jail in another kingdom.
    That ends my theory. Can’t WAIT to find out the real secret!

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