Fourth Kevin Tong print — “Snow White”

Snow White

Editing 12/30 to add: Snow White is sold out. The next print, of Rumpelstiltskin, will be sold on Thursday, January 5. The sixth and last print, Cinderella, will be sold on Thursday, January 12. As always, check the Mondo site or Twitter account on the day of the sale for an announcement when the print becomes available.

Editing to add 4:19 pm Eastern time — The sale was announced at 11:57 am. The gold print is sold out. There are less than 10 copies left of the silver.

This print hasn’t yet gone on sale, but it will be available sometime today. Check the Mondo Tees site or Twitter for an announcement when it goes on sale. Previous prints have sold out really fast — last week, the gold print sold out in a few minutes, and the silver print sold out in a few hours.

The Snow White print has a picture of the dwarfs’ cabin inside a silhouette of Snow White’s face:

Snow White

Kevin Tong’s illustrations are also used in the new Once Upon a Time book.

2 responses to “Fourth Kevin Tong print — “Snow White”

  1. Wow. It’s always amazing to me how fast this stuff sells out, how many people are dialed in to something like this and ready to just click and buy the moment it’s available. I’m never that dialed in…hah.

  2. I’m trying not to accumulate too much stuff because I’m (supposed to be) moving, but I’m kind of tempted to get one. I was really surprised, too, about how fast they were selling out, but then I thought maybe it’s not so surprising considering how limited the print runs are — only 95 copies of the gold.
    Oh, I just realized it’s Thursday again! Ha. Oops, the gold for today is already sold out. Time to do a new post …

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