LOST actress Emilie de Ravin to be in “Once Upon a Time”

Emilie de Ravin

Emilie de Ravin spotted in Hollywood, October 2011 (via eyeprime.net)

De Ravin will be playing Belle, the beauty in Beauty and the Beast, according to a report this afternoon from TV Guide.

Beauty and the Beast Disney

Beauty and the Beast -- the Disney version

Beauty and the Beast by illustrator Anne Anderson

Beauty and the Beast -- a pre-Disney version by Scottish illustrator Anne Anderson

Emilie de Ravin (Claire in LOST) becomes the second LOST acting alum to get a role in Once Upon a Time. The first was Alan Dale (Charles Widmore in LOST), who will be playing Prince Charming’s father.

Editing to add 11/9/11: There is actually a third LOST alum in OUAT. Lana Parrilla, the Evil Queen, was in two episodes of LOST, playing Greta, one of the Others in the underwater Looking Glass station. (Hat tip to Geri in the comments.)

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4 responses to “LOST actress Emilie de Ravin to be in “Once Upon a Time”

  1. Ms Terri……..there are actually three LOST alumni in OUAT….Lana Parrilla played one of the gals in the underwater station where Charlie died (Through The Looking Glass). I love her as the evil queen. Thanks for keeping in touch. Geri

  2. Thanks, Geri.

  3. This is great news! And I *love* that illustration you found…that is just gorgeous, and quite a different and more beastly beast! :)

  4. And Beauty looks so much more fragile. It’s a lovely illustration. I like all the details — the fruit on the table, the beastly shadow on the wall.

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