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  1. (moved from “Questions” tab — MsTerri)

    Also in the episode with Red and Snow she does say Frost I remember. I so hope they do S2. I am hooked on this show. I went to Netflix last week needing to find something to watch I had not seen b4 and thought ok TV. I normally am a movie person. I saw this and saw Jennifer I think her name is from House and then recognized the character that plays Snow who is Jennifer too? But remember her from that movie He’s just not that into you I think the name was. So thought what the heck. Watched 5 mins of the pilot and was hooked. I am now up to Henry in the hospital and Emma knows the truth and I am so so glad they did not draw that one out. I hate that. I love the way they have the storybook characters come to life with their rendition. I like how they all interact in both worlds. I know they still have more to write about because we have not seen Humpty or the 3 blind mice. Or they could even get with Disney about writing in some Disney characters. They got Belle and Cinderella and what I think was Aerial even though an evil version but we need Jasmin and maybe they could get in Shrek if they could get approval. Not sure they have hit on every story we grew up with as kids. They only touched a tiny bit on Alice in Wonderland. There are more characters than just the Queen who was veiled, the MadHatter and the Cheshire Cat. What about the twins and there is no rabbit. Just a card the Queen leaves when she beckons the MadHatter. Then what about all those at the teaparty. Tons more characters to involve. What about Sleeping Beauty. We have not seen that one yet I don’t recall. I am wondering how they will end it. With Emma breaking the curse of course but what happens to Emma and Henry? Will they be pulled into the storybook land???? Should be interesting. Hope they get that far in the writing.

    • VintageClass11

      You must be drinking something weird. This show so sucks !

    • VintageClass11

      MY APOLOGY. That comment was uncalled for . I have many shows I like that are not that great . Like “The Have and Have Nots”
      Really bad acting ….incredibly horrible story lines … denigrating is an understatement … self righteous …. but that is why I love it…;-)
      It’s really not all that bad if you like bad remakes….LOL

  2. Enjoyed the show, but did not enjoy commercials every five minutes

  3. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I’m addicted!!! I love all the characters even tho i think that some of them are horrible!!! i need someone to talk to about this show and gush with because i don’t have any friends who watch it!!! Omg tonight’s episode had me yelling at the TV!! I could honestly watch this show, OVER and OVER AGAIN!! I cant even pick a favourite character because i love so many! I cant wait to see what happens next!! a ginormous thanks to the writers! you have made my sundays awesome!! 😀

  4. This comment is for Devin, here I am!!! None of my friends watch the show either. I have truly enjoyed this show from the beginning! Season 2 was fantastic, I am grateful that it wasnt a let down. Queen of hearts was a big surprise..but my quesiton is this?? What happened to pinnocio??? That was never resolved. Its like everyone woke up but he turned to wood…so I would defiantely like some closure to that. Captain Hook and Cora,, what a combination,,,but I think there is gonna be a surprise to that relationship. Sundays have defiantely gotten better!! Cant wait to 1/6/2013. Season 3…..To those who dont have no idea what your missing!! STAY TUNED

  5. David Nolan/Prince Charming & King David from the Bible Similarities

    Both poor shepherds with good hearts

    Both are summoned by a King to fight a battle for the Kingdom

    Both slay a giant & and are bestowed with honor

    Then the King becomes revengeful and tries multiple times to kill David (unsuccessfully every time; in the Bible, King Solomon goes nearly insane with rage and desire for revenge until it ultimately leads to his cowardice to beg one of his own soldiers’ to kill him!)

    Both David’s are befriended by many others who see their bravery & goodness; even when forced to run & hide for his life.

    Married to a woman they didn’t love: King David & Princess Michal (King Solomon’s eldest daughter); David Nolan & Kathryn

    Both David’s also marry a good, kind woman: David Nolan & Abigail = King David in the Bible did marry a good woman named Abigail; and then Charming & Snow

    Both David’s had an illicit affair: King David & Bathsheba; David Nolan & Mary Margaret

    Both David’s “lose” a beloved child in infancy

    Both David’s have to repent and prove themselves better; to fight for those in need and humble themselves at great personal cost

    Both David’s are great military leaders and fight many wars

    Both David’s build up their kingdoms and prosper greatly despite many adversaries

    Despite personal flaws, both become great Kings/Leaders and their stories are remembered for a very long time

    One of his descendents was prophesied to be the Savior: King David’s descendant Jesus Christ; Prince Charming’s daughter Emma

  6. Rumple is definitely my farvorite character, feel so bad about Belle. I don’t understand why the kiss didn’t work, it worked before in the old world (well started to before he figured out what was going on) and it worked for everyone else, so what’s going on between them?? Really wish Regina would pull it together, I know it’s got to be hard, but seriously unless she changes, she’ll loose Henry forever. I swear this show just keeps getting better everytime I see it, love where they are going with it. I hope they all go back to the old world.

  7. I like the episode when Mary and Emma met Cora, and the episode when Aurora tried ti kill Snow White!

  8. I was thinking about the first episode of season two where David finds out that Snow slept around while he was in a coma for 28 years. Okay she was cursed and he was big enough to let it go. Because she never would have cheated if she had remembered. I grant that but she was very flippant about it when she said to David we were cursed. I do not feel that she took his feelings into consideration and that she was lucky that he could let it go. How about a reverse plot where she has a what if dream, where she was in a coma for years and he slept around while she was in a coma. Maybe she could then realize what it might have taken for him to let it go. Then she could say I now understand how that knowledge, and how you found out might have hurt you, and I am sorry. I my life I have had to make apologys that were hard but to keep friendships alive I have had to. I am not as big hearted as a David Nolan and I would not be able to let something like that go without a sincere I am sorry without the slightest expression of sarcasam.

  9. Emma should totally get with Hook!

  10. Homosexuality needs to stay out of the story. It ruined the show for me. Im done watching it.

  11. Daniela.R.H.Silva

    Dear Mr. Adam Horowitz and Mr. Edward Kitsis,

    Can you please bring back Peter Pan again to the show? And please turn him into a good character, there is so many things that we need to know about him, like: who’s Rumple’s mother? Why did he let Wendy leave the first time she went to Neverland? The shadow wasn’t his shadow because it was in Neverland before him… It would be a waste of character if you guys do not explain this type of stuff. Every single character that was ‘evil’ it wasn’t at first and now they are changing like Rumple and Regina, I guess Peter is not bad at all and (like everyone else) he can change. Once Upon A Time is one of my favourite shows ever and Wendy and Peter Pan are my favourite characters since I was a little girl I would hate if you guys kill him as ‘evil’. What you did (changing the ‘original’ Peter to an evil character was really interesting thing and it was good to the show showing that even the characters that we thought we knew aren’t all good) changed the mind of some Oncers (some of them do not really care about Pan’s fate because he was ‘evil’ and because maybe they have another favourite characters to think about), but you see there is more things to discover about Pan than another character in the show, in my opinion he has potential to change into a good person, c’mon that look that he had when he let the shadow take his son… we can see that he cares. Besides, he never killed anyone, Regina and Rumple killed so many people in the show and Pan never killed anyone, he may seem like he is a bad person but he is not. I would love to see him with Wendy, I believe that Wendy can change him, like Henry changed Regina and Baelfire/Neal changed Rumple. Besides Robbie Kay is such an amazing actor and Robert Carlyle is too I would hate not to see them in the show again.

    With all of respect and love from this Oncer,

    • VintageClass11

      Did you know Peter Pan was a serial killer who killed his own lost boys. Look it up. It’s way cooler that this ridiculous series.
      Also the Step Sisters in Cinderella cut of their toes and heels respectively to fit into the slippers so they could marry the Prince.
      Why does Snow White look soooo haggard.I thought pregnant women glowed ?
      This girl is attractive but the Fairest of them All ?????
      Not any more. Is that part of the new story line too ?

  12. why for god sake rapunzel is black????? even in the stories shes white!!!!!!!

  13. VintageClass11

    Just watching this show for the first time. Implausible is one thing …ridiculous is another . Why is the bad queen more beautiful than Snow White? Don’t get this AT ALL !

  14. If the story of Frozen gets crossover with Once Upon a Time, the creators should keep Frozen’s story the same, like after Elsa and Anna got their relationships back and never hide again.

  15. Once Upon a time is an amazing show. I love how everyone is somehow related. The best part is going back to the past and finding out how everything is connected. ( tbh: I think Elsa and Jack Frost would be a good couple.)

  16. ouat is awesome thats all i can say .SRSLY though i mean like i love how there are those really awkard moments sometimes . And i also love the ides of regina and robin together, and who everknew that sow white and prince charmings daughter was going to date captain hook ? 4 words toatally awesome really creative. Hats off to u writers
    like one day i was looking for something new to watch and i saw ouat im like okay so i literally watched 2 seconds and i was hooked . once again hats off to u writers .

  17. i hav always thought what if it was all a dream that david as having in his coma if it was i would freak out

  18. tammy proffitt

    I have been a fan of Once upon a time since the beginning. But season 4 final Show is not what I expected and it’s really hard to follow. I do not like the idea of villains having their stupid happy ending. I only so far like the fact that Emma knows who Hendry is hopefully this is true. But I don’t know if I wa t to continue to watch if this is how the show will be I loved this show watchinbut I really don’t know if I should even attempt to continue to watch if this is the way it will be for good. Matter of fact I hate this show now.

  19. Blair Elizabeth


  20. {as of 5/8} WHAT AN EPISODE! Once upon a time has me literally conflicted! Last week I was balling my eyes out over favorite characters, and this week’s episode had me jumping/screaming for joy! Keep the twists and surprises coming!

  21. May 7th 2017………………..I HATE!!!! The new format. Not interested NOT even a LITTLE BIT in a musical! Y.U.C.K!!!!!!!!

  22. hey I think that in season 7 they should bring back Emma swan, David, and snow and baby Neal and keep Emma and Hook together I wanna see Emma and hook have a baby together and please keep them together and please bring back the charming family please. I love Emma and hook getting engaged and their wedding and when the charming family was reunited together in season 2 and when David saved his daughter from drowning. when Emma got the hang of her magic. When Emma and hook went on first date and their first kiss and they saved henry when Regina gave Emma and henry the life they desive.

  23. and please bring back robin and Neal so that henry has his father and Regina has her boyfriend again

  24. hey bring back Emma swan and the charming family please I love them they believe they will always find each other so please bring them back In season 7 I got to find out if Emma will have hook baby

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