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9 responses to “Info

  1. would love to know who does the makeup for the characters like rumplestlilskin.. i would love to be him for next years holloween

  2. the seer told rumple that a young boy would his undoing, we assume the young boy is henry, could it be the boy who has returned as an adult looking for his dad?

  3. Good point pat

  4. I think it is henry who will be his undoing because its his grandson…and family always come 1st.

  5. I am hoping that we find out “undoing” can have another meaning besides death. It is possible we find out that Henry is indeed undoing, but in a way we are not thinking of!

  6. I’ve wondered the same thing, Faith. I actually think Henry may be his “undoing” in a specific Rumpel-like way. Meaning that he “un-does” the evilness of the Dark One, if that makes sense. Rumpel’s love for Henry counteracts the evil that he took on when becoming the Dark One. Once upon a time (ha-ha, pun intended), Rumpel would have seen that as truly being his undoing and decreasing his power.

  7. Exactly! Now if we can just get Rumple out of Pandora’s box.

  8. LOL and now if we could get Henry out of Pandora’s box…

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