What do you think of 3×17 “The Jolly Roger”?

Hook and Ariel in "Jolly Roger" aired 4/13/14

Hook and Ariel in “Jolly Roger” aired 4/13/14

3 responses to “What do you think of 3×17 “The Jolly Roger”?

  1. The “reveal” at the end caused me to downgrade the episode to “just okay”.

  2. I loved the episode although I wished they would have made it more about Regina training Emma. They performed a ‘bridge trick’…it should have been about a few more things to get the audience on board.
    At first, I was rolling my eyes about the Blackbeard twist. It turns out, that was actually a cute little story. It was enjoyable and really gets into the details about the reasoning of the WWW.
    Still, I would have loved an episode about Emma and her powers.
    Here are the questions I have:
    1) Why does the WWW want Snow’s baby?
    2) Why does the WWW want to defeat the Savior if she is only jealous of the EQ?
    3) Who’s heart did the WWW sacrifice to cast the curse?
    Maybe 1&2 can be easily answered. The Regina/Rumpel/Snow camp is now one big happy family, and in order for the WWW to win, the WWW has to eradicate all of them.
    I really enjoyed Emma forgiving Hook about the “thing” he wasn’t telling her. She said she didn’t care. I believe this was a first level of trust..
    Hook didn’t tell the Charmings and Regina about the “kiss” because if he did, then the WWW would surely kill all of them. That was a pretty hard decision.
    One thing is for sure, Rumpel has met his match. It is very clear Emma can do things even the DarK One can’t.
    I want to see more magik!! :)

  3. I say that rumple killed Anna and that’s why Elsa was trapped inside the ern because Elsa tried to kill rumple because he killed her sister

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