One year later …

Henry, looking a lot more grown up

Henry, looking a lot more grown up

I thought it was smart of the writers to set the action ahead one year. They needed to have some way to account for Gennifer’s pregnancy and Jared’s growth spurt.

I wonder how important the “missing year” will be, though, in subsequent episodes, whether they will be doing a lot of flashbacks to fill in what happened or if they will just go full steam ahead. I suspect that once they establish how and why the Wicked Witch gained control of Fairytale Land, whatever else happened the rest of that year may not be that important. (Though I would like to know how Emma got her zillion-dollar Manhattan apartment on a bailbondswoman’s salary. Just kidding. It’s the usual movie and TV fantasy apartment.)

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  1. Though I’ve tried not to overload on spoilers during the hiatus, my understanding is that the episodes to come will juxtapose what happened during the past year in FTL with present day events in Storybrooke—-brought out of the ashes by the WWW’s new curse. According to Jennifer Morrison/Emma(via Entertainment Weekly’s site), Storybrooke was destroyed and has been recreated by the new curse and the “how” and “why” will be explained as the story unfolds.

    While I’ve decided to lower my expectations of OUAT(in a good way) I’ve also decided not to pick apart every last detail, lest I stop enjoying the show altogether. Last night’s episode was enjoyable and intriguing in so many ways. Did it pack the punch of “Going Home”? No, but it did what it needed to do which was set the stage for what comes next.

    • That’s a good way to approach it. I think I also need to dial down my expectations a bit and take the show for what it is now. It’s always fun to see what our gang is up to in their various worlds, fighting against the latest villains, dealing with the most recent spells, and keeping love and family alive against all odds

  2. Baby bumps are easy for the wardrobe dept. to do, but I thought Ginnifer really looked pregnant in the closing seconds of the episode
    (eg. her face is a bit puffy) and thought to myself–‘Gee, that’s either really good face make-up or she really is pregnant!’ Now I know she really is. Congrats to her and Josh!

  3. how is hook able to travel between worlds?

  4. also how is it possible for David and Mary Margaret to appear back in storybook when they were just in the woods??

  5. I like the idea of Emma having to convince Henry of believing in magic–interesting change of roles. Also, any theories on what Bae & Belle will find at Rumple’s?? Or how he’ll reincarnate? The writers have been laying the groundwork for Oz for a while…can’t wait to see what’s in store this season! Maybe ruby slippers allow people to travel… Regardless, I’m ready to follow the yellow brick road wherever the show leads!

  6. Hmmmm….honestly, I was a little disappointed. I can only guess that Hook found his ship and that’s how he was able to travel between worlds although it could be he just came back to Storybrooke when everyone else did with the witch’s spell (whatever that turns out to be) and made his way to the city for Emma. I was disappointed because the way they presented things last night made the whole ending bit from before the break seem gratuitous. However, I think both Marj and Lisa have a good point. They did set up what the rest of the season will be about, so maybe I also need to lower my expectations. I guess I’ll withhold final judgment until we get a little further into it. They did come up with a clever way to explain the pregnancy, and I am glad the show is back! Been missing it. :)

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