ABC and Hulu are no longer letting us watch the most recent episode online for free…

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… unless we subscribe to a limited choice of cable providers or to Hulu Prime.

That’s really annoying.

5 responses to “ABC and Hulu are no longer letting us watch the most recent episode online for free…

  1. I’m wave cable here in rural WA. I’m already paying for that service, I don’t want or need another subscription. It’s just another way for ABC to make a buck I guess. I have TIVO, so it’s back to the old fashion way of watching it. The funny thing is on TIVO I skip the commercials where as ABC Watch has me as a captive audience.

    I guess I’ll get my TIVO STREAM working and stream the video I’ve recorded to my iPad.

  2. It’s really frustrating and annoying to me, too. I have to work at my second job most Sundays and my only option has been to watch the episodes on the next day. Now, I won’t even have that, which means I’ll probably just give up on the show. I’m bummed. No way will I pay for Hulu. That used to be free, too, until they started getting a lot of users. Typical. Boo.

  3. I think the episodes will be available for free one week after they air on ABC. If you want to see them the next day you have to sign in to Watch ABC through one of those cable providers or pay for Hulu Plus.

  4. I have cable — though not one of the ones on the ABC list — and I record the episodes. But I have a low-tech set-up, with nothing streaming, so I would use the ABC/Hulu online video the next day, sometimes, to get screenshots to use for the blog. Also, the video came in handy if there was a glitch with the DVR recording. It’s probably not worth it to me to subscribe to Hulu right now. It’s ironic — like Believer, I skip the commercials when I watch it on the DVR, but saw a ton of commercials when I watched it online.

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