Who should Emma choose — Hook or Neal (or neither)?

Emma and Neal, or ....

Emma and Neal, or ….

... Emma and Hook?

… Emma and Hook?

After Emma finds and rescues Henry, which of her two suitors should she choose?

Should it be Neal_Bae, the father of her child, the past (and present?) love of her life, and the man who deserted her, though it wasn’t really his fault? On the plus side, the Emma-Neal pairing, uniting the families of the Charmings and the Dark One, feels like destiny. On the minus side, Neal is boring.

Or should it be the witty, handsome Hook, who turned out to have a respectable background for a pirate? On the plus side, the Emma-Hook pairing sizzles with great chemistry. On the minus side, the pairing would prevent Henry from having the chance to live in a household with both of his parents. Also, Hook is a pirate.

If you like LOST analogies, I think Captain Swan (Hook and Emma) is like Skate (Sawyer and Kate) — each has a bad boy and a former criminal in a match that lights up the screen — while Swanfire (Neal and Emma) is like Jate (Jack and Kate) — a safer, more traditional match that brings out the more domestic sides of the characters while redeeming them from their troubled past.

What do you think?

7 responses to “Who should Emma choose — Hook or Neal (or neither)?

  1. Though I enjoy the character of Hook I’m not sold on the so-called chemistry between him and Emma. I thought her greatest chemistry was with Graham and then Jefferson. My problem with Neal isn’t so much that he’s boring but that the actor who portrays him mumbles too much. Ideally I could see the idea of Emma and Neal if a different actor were playing him. I also wish we could have seen young Emma with young(pre-pirate) Hook. Hopefully OUAT will enjoy many more seasons and the writers won’t rush Emma into a relationship with anyone for a while to come.

  2. I adore both actors, but if I was Emma, I would chose neither.Though I think the chemistry between Captain Hook and Emma is more real, I do not think
    Neal is right for her.

  3. Definitely, Captain Hook! He maybe a pirate but he never left Emma, unlike Neal. #CaptainSwan

  4. I just wish it was Sebastian Stan that was cast as Neal Cassidy. MRJ is not as charming as Sebastian, Jamie and Colin.

  5. Seriously?… emma should pick neal so henry can live in a house hold with both parents?. Are we forgetting that henry has regina for a mother aswell?. Henry will never have a normal family life, and that is fine, since the show OUAT is design to disnantle the traditional nuclear family. How about we focus on emma and her happiness. She has sparks and so much chemistry with hook. Hook has changed and become a better man because of his feelings for emma.There I soo much parparallels between snow/charming relationship and between hook/emma u kinda gave to be blind and in denial not to see who emma will pick.

What do you think?