Poll: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1×04 “The Serpent” (aired 11/7/13)


w1x04 The Serpent

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  1. I liked the scenes of Jafar’s childhood the best. So far, though, the character seems to have NO redeeming qualities. Turning his lover/mentor into his staff to gain her power was pure evil. I was thinking that was worse than anything even Rumple or Regina had done, but then I remembered that when we first learned about Regina’s backstory, we saw her kill her father for the sake of gaining power — so that was just as bad, if not worse, as what Jafar did. And now Regina has become a semi-sympathetic character, so maybe Jafar will be too, eventually, in his story, just as Regina has become in hers.

  2. I totally agree. Jafars childhood was very interesting and I really felt bad for the lady who taught him the magic hen he killed her. Now to the red queen. I have a lot to say about her. First of all I think the knave should of listened to her and the white rabbit and left. she obviously has a soft spot for him, but he seems to hate her so much (I hope to find out later, unless it was said in the last season of OUAT), oh btw speaking of last season OUAT, why is there a queen of hearts (cora I think) and the red queen? what happened to Cora? back to the red queen, once knave seemed to push the red queen into killing him, she acted like she will show no mercy, but I can tell when ever he was getting hurt she wanted to do something, or save him, but she didn’t want to show weakness, so she didn’t. Last, I think one other reason why she hates Alice is because she thinks the knave likes her (which he might) and she still likes him.

  3. Cora is dead. Snow tricked Regina into killing her (during Season 2 of OUAT). But Cora will probably make an appearance on Once-Wonderland in flashback at some point, depending on when the actress is available.

    The knave and the Red Queen were never in OUAT — they are completely new characters for the Wonderland show. But the Red Queen was a character in the original Lewis Carroll book (the second one, “Through the Looking Glass”).

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