Poll: 3×06 Ariel (broadcast Nov. 3, 2013)

3x06 ariel

Time to vote on the episode! For this vote (unlike the vote on Election Day on Tuesday), you don’t have to go to the polls. Here, the poll comes to you!

7 responses to “Poll: 3×06 Ariel (broadcast Nov. 3, 2013)

  1. Garbage. It was all “feel and emotion”. Once again, the writers forgot the original story-line, So many inconsistencies from the original storytelling. I will be happy to list them if anybody cares. It seems the writers are desperately clinging to their female base, as they lost most of their male viewers. I have noticed that the females don’t care about the continuity of the story. They only care about the “feelings” and the “romance” of the crap being made up off the cuff. Ridiculous.
    How does Regina know about Mermaids and realms?
    Why does Regina consider herself the worst of the worst with Rumpel when Cora was clearly more powerful than her?
    The writers, in a tweet, according to Lisa, claim Hook’s beginnings were in FTL. I thought FTL was medieval. Why was the setting colonial?
    This show was even worse than last week.

  2. I’m probably the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen The Little Mermaid, but I really enjoyed this episode. For me it contained all the elements that make OUAT so enjoyable.

    For starters, I loved seeing Rumple and Regina together again. Lana Parilla really unleashed the Evil Queen in this episode(after a week with “the Charmings”) and it was great fun to watch. Poor Rumple is almost his pre-Dark One self as he struggles with what to do next and Pan knows all the right buttons to push—-I’m convinced more and more that Pan and Rumple are brothers). Rumple and Regina have switched places in a way with her now being the one to nudge him along the dark path.

    I also loved how they incorporated Snow and Regina’s past with Ariel and brought it full circle by having Regina call out to Ariel to help them in the present. Regina has plenty of experience with other realms(i.e. the curse and Storybrooke, Wonderland) so her knowledge of realms and mermaids makes perfect sense to me.

    The piéce de résistance was the sequence in the Echo caves. Yes I loved that Hook and Emma and Snow and Charming had to talk about their feelings. It made for some powerful drama and it was long overdue.

    At its best, OUAT is a combination of all these things—–magic, fantasy, adventure and romance. Of course I expect continuity(and believe TPTB work hard to maintain it) but I also refuse to get so caught up in the details to the point that I can no longer enjoy the show.

    Ariel was a good episode. It succeeded in introducing a new character and moving the story forward. Next week we get to see how life has gone on in Storybrooke while the “Nevengers” have been away and I for one can’t wait!

    • Hello, I just wanted to say. I totally agree with you. This episode was really good, and the producers brought all the elements of OUAT really well together. IT was great, and don’t you think Ariel was stunning? I also loved the last part where The real Ursula gets somewhat mad at the evil queen for impersonation.

  3. I thought it was great. I was waiting so long to see Ariel appear.

  4. I’m inclined to agree this was the worst episode of season 3. I was really uncertain if Joanna Garcia could pull off the role of Ariel and no, she could not. It was like she was reading lines with phony grins. She had none of Ariels vivacity or impulsiveness. I was uncertain of Tink, too, but the actress playing her managed to give the pixie some jealousy, and some mischievousness, and she looked the role, too. With Joanna they gave her red highlights and a CG tail and called it good. The way she and Snow met was so stupid. “I rescue people, it’s what I do”…boring. Regina posing as Ursula was going too far, especially when the real Ursula threatened her at the end and it was all so phony. The flashbacks for this episode were cringeworthy to the max.So stupid.
    I am enjoying the Neverland story, however. In another thread Katya asked how Hook could have gone back to Neverland after destoying the Pegasus sail. Well Katya, Hook is originally from FTL (And Riles, perhaps he is from a Kingdom that is more Colonial? IDK) and when they arrived back in FTL and burned the sail and he became a pirate, he went around pirating the seas of FTL until Rumple took his hand, then they used a bean to get back to Neverland. As far as getting from Neverland back to FTL when the curse broke and he met Cora, I can’t quite remember.
    Anywho, Ariel was lame, but Neverland was good. That is all.

    • Oh, now I get it. Thanks for clearing it up, I was really confused and missed the second season. Also, I agree with you about Ariel and snows meeting being boring. That is quite predictable. And though I did think the episode was good as an individual, I think it was the worst episode of the season if I had to pick. They made much better ones. So, thanks agin for answering my questions. :-)

  5. In my opinion, this episode was really good, but a bit too predictable. Though, there are still things I wonder, and really really liked. Like how the real Ursula came out in the end and got mad at the evil queen for impersonation, and how there was a twist on the Ariel story. I just kind of wished that more would of happened when Ursula’s tentacle went through the mirror, like she got a temporary curse, or the whole Ursula came through. Ariel was stunning though, I felt so bad when the evil queen took away her voice, and she couldn’t call out to the prince that she was here, and now he’s really heartbroken. So overall the episode was really good and as Lisa did succeeded in introducing the new character that I hope will come back in the next and later episodes. I really can’t wait to see next weeks episode, where Ariel may or may not bring rumple and the evil queen back to storybrooke. I predict when the evil queen gives Ariel her legs back prince Eric will have fallen for another girl, and Ariel will freak.

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