Poll: 3×05 “Good Form” (aired Oct. 27, 2013)

Emma and Hook kiss in Good Form

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  1. Hook: My ship? She’s a marvel. Made from enchanted wood. We weathered many a storm together, seen many strange, glittering shores. (Last season)

    Uh, so now it used to be the King’s ship in the Royal Navy? I thought it was a magical ship…fastest in all the realms. Ah who cares, right? Let’s throw away all the rules and previous explanations. We’ll make up new crap!! The viewers will love it!!!.(6 million and declining fast)

    So, now we need to get the ship to Neverland. How do we do that? (smoke some weed) I got it! Pegasus could fly right? He was a horse with wings. Ok, ok, ok I got it. Ok, so Pegasus dies, and we’ll take the feathers from his carcass and make a sail out of it, and fly a ship!!! It’s either that or sew together a patch quilt of Superman’s capes. Either one will do.
    The whole scene looked like the writers didn’t put an ounce of thought into it. Talk about writing down the first thought into your head without analysis…sheesh.

    There is imagination, good writing, theme, mood, parameters, and then there is mashing crap together that has no business being in the story. A good writer would know the difference. This episode was pure crap.

    Perhaps if they took the time to come up with a creative script, they wouldn’t be losing so many viewers. Maybe the writers are too busy trying to balance two shows. I think it is a bad idea to have a show that is failing, and pull resources from it to make another show. Instead of having one show above the water, let’s have two and make them both sink!!

    Feathers from a dead horse……good God.

    Stay tuned next week. I saw Regina as a half Octopus. (more weed)

    • I think part of being a Once Upon a Time fan is the suspension of disbelief. I may not agree with every choice the writers make but I certainly don’t root for the show to fail. If you dislike OUAT so much Riles why do you still watch?

      • The suspension of disbelief is not the issue I have, otherwise I would have never started watching the story. The writers started out strong, had a story, and masterfully told the story.
        The problem I have either seems to be difficult for me and others to articulate, or you and others to not understand…maybe a little of both.
        The premise of the story, to me, is to meld reality and magic into one cohesive good story. The writers did a wonderful job in the first season.
        To make a ship, in our world (the land without magic) to sail, then fly, then go into space, then go to another galaxy, needs a story. They didn’t tell that story. They gave a three line explanation, and the ship took off.
        I’m not rooting for the show to fail, I’m merely articulating a fact of viewership.
        The reason I still watch is because I am vested in this show and have hopes the writers will return to their season one style of writing.

        • Season one was outstanding but the truth is, whether we like it or not, once the curse was broken OUAT became a different show. I also think we agree to some extent but express our thoughts and opinions differently. Though there are several elements of the show I enjoy, more often than not, I feel as if the storytelling is rushed. Adam and Eddy have said that things would be different this season(i.e. more focus on the characters and their relationships). The show may not be all we want it to be yet but at least they’re trying……IMO.

    • FYI—Adam was questioned about the Pegasus feathers on Twitter and his reply was: “hook is in fairy tale realm navy. Not from our world.” Don’t know if that helps but it’s the official explanation.

      • What about the ship being made of enchanted wood? Also, it is supposed to be the fastest ship in all the lands. If that is so, why were the corvette ships gaining on them?
        These are the questions my friends and I are asking. It was glaringly obvious and we all noticed it at the moment it happened. It’s not like we were looking for mistakes. It was just that obvious.

        • Personally, I’d buy the ship taking off through the sky via a magic sail before seeing it suddenly jetting across the sea like a speedboat, and they wouldn’t have had a reason to do either if the other ships weren’t gaining on them. I can’t speak for the writers but I imagine they were going for excitement and a sense of adventure. Adam Horowitz is very active on Twitter and often responds to fans’ questions there. Perhaps you can give that a try and he’ll address some of your concerns.

  2. It seems as if the writers are in a hurry to move the plot forward just a little too quickly (eg. how exactly did they get the feathers from Pegasus for the ship’s sail?) but I’d rather have that, than a very sloooooow moving plot.

    I rarely rate an episode “Amazing”, but thought this one was. Certainly the best episode of this season. The acting, set direction, lighting, seeing Hook’s back story, the snappy remarks eg. Regina: “I don’t do rum.”
    The editing/camera work was SUPERB. The little extra touches eg. a few seconds of Killian Jones (Hook) throwing his tunic overboard and it lands in the sea (in slow motion). Maybe by this episode the producers hired some new film editors/ cinematographers.

    The only line of dialogue that seemed out of place was David/Prince saying, “if I die, I want my family to know I was a hero.” To me, that line seemed a bit much. He IS brave yet humble, and it came across as a boast.

  3. I really loved this episode, finally Emma and Hook kissed, i was very excited, I agree this is the best episode yet but I also loved the Tinkerbell and Regina fued that got worked out, that was very interesting and I think next weeks episode will be the best so far. Regina being Ursela, absolutely brilliant, cant wait to meet Areil

  4. Who was ‘the other one’ suspended in the cage by Neil? I’d like to see Regina pull out Pan’s heart…that could get fun…but since that isn’t happening it was great seeing her get some action with the lost boy. She has so much power why isn’t it being used? She ought to just go ahead and get Henry. It’s silly not to make use of it.

  5. so who do you think it’s in the other crate hanging from the tree??? SPOILER ALERT…..I think it’s going to be Rufio. he was being cast earlier this summer. the 9th or tenth episode is called the new neverland. I think they are going to defeat pan and rufio will be in charge of neverland. Or maybe it’s Ariel. we shall see.

  6. Who says that ship is the original Jolly Roger anyway? Just pointing that out. Not a fan of the Pegasus feathers sail, but whatever, the rest of the episode was good and made up for it. I’m glad Emma sided with Regina to take the lost boys heart. They can always give it back, Snow, calm down. And both Emma and regina had some subtly funny one liners. I want to see more of Tink, she was great. And yes, who the heck was in the basket hanging next to Bae? Rufio is a good guess, or maybe Pan knows Tink helped the others? I hope that Hook does tell Emma about Bae, I know in next weeks episode they go looking for Bae, so they found out somehow, but I think it would still earn points for Hook if he speaks up. Regina as Ursula? I’m not sure how I feel about that since I’m already leery of their casting of Ariel. It’s also interesting that David cannot leave Neverland now. That adds an interesting twist unless that can be fixed by Regina or Rumple. Speaking of Rumple….where was he?!

    • I think that the whole David not being able to leave Neverland is going to be Null and void if Pan is not longer the leader. You could leave Neverland with permission of the leader remember. I think it will be Rufio by the end of the half season finale.

  7. The questions I’m wondering is what snow white will do when she finds out that the prince is staying in Never land, also, how did the jolly roger get stuck in island. It makes no sense how they will go back there since they burnt the Pegasus flag thing. Also, why did Hook go back to never land and stay (after his brother died)

  8. Also, who was the person next to Neal/Balfire? Was it Henery!?

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