What did you think of OUAT in Wonderland 1×02 “Trust Me”? (poll)

W1x02 Alice Cyrus

What did you think of the episode (aired Oct. 17, 2013)?

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  1. I found the Alice/Cyrus romance believable, but I can’t help feeling that Will the Knave is a better match for Alice. He has so much more personality. But then I do have a weakness for bad boys.

    Loved all the British accents and expressions. It cracked me up when Alice said they were waiting for what sounded like “the ferry,” but was really the fairy.

    I wish Jafar was not quite *so* evil. Did he really need to kill the scarf seller? Maybe he’ll eventually have a redemption arc, like Regina or Rumpel.

    All in all, I’m finding it entertaining, if not quite as amazing as I thought it would be from the trailer released over the summer.

  2. Snow White’s father, King Leopold, found a Genie bottle. He wished for the Genie to be free and gave his last wish to the Genie. Problem solved.
    Now the writers are changing the Genie dynamics?
    Why couldn’t Alice do this?

    • ThePlotMurderers

      Forgive me if I mangle the facts, but I think Cyrus told Alice there were certain risks attached to freeing genies. When I first saw that scene my first impression was that the writers were alluding to Sidney!Genie’s betrayal of Leopold who set him free.
      Either way, it still strikes me that they kinda wrote themselves into a corner on that one.

  3. There was no such reference to freeing genies. There was, however, a reference to wishes in general. Alice made a hypothesis that if she wished Cyrus back, that he could show up in a noose. Wishes are unpredictable.
    Maybe she thought if she wished for his freedom, she would lose him? I guess I can hang with that.

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