What did you think of OUAT episode 3×02 “Lost Girl”? (poll)

4 responses to “What did you think of OUAT episode 3×02 “Lost Girl”? (poll)

  1. We are finally getting into the story line and it’s really starting to come together.

  2. AWESOME!!
    I really enjoyed this episode….with the exception that Regina could have yanked out Snow’s heart very easily in the past.
    The symbolism in this story was very pronounce. Rumpel’s doll was a sorrow reminder of his father. Rumpel tried to destroy the doll, but alas he stumbled on it again. It is a stark reminder that you can’t just run away from the past…you have to deal with it.
    This was a lesson Emma had to learn, and one that her family had to embrace.
    –Very well written episode.
    (Still doesn’t take away from the Greg/Tamara debacle….horrible)

  3. I agree with both of the comments above. I thought this was the best episode in quite a while and bodes well for the rest of the season.

    I’m puzzled by what happened with the Greg/Tamara debacle. I thought their story started off strong — it seemed very promising in the beginning — but wonder why it all fall apart the way it did.

    • Greg and Tamara(as written) were little more than caricatures and I think the audience’s intense dislike for them dictated their hasty exit. Adam and Eddie were basically cutting their losses and moving on. As much as I disliked the characters I wouldn’t have minded if they had been captured by the Lost Boys and held by Pan for a more satisfying resolution story-wise, but I’m not going to obsess over it.

      “Lost Girl” was amazing and satisfying on so many levels. It was suspenseful and packed some real emotional punch(more than any Once episode has in quite a while). The writers are finally addressing the complexity of Emma’s relationship with Snow and Charming(loved their FTL scenes as well) and have established Pan as a force to be reckoned with. Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.

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