Is Sebastian Stan coming back in the spinoff show OUAT in Wonderland?

Sebastian Stan as Jefferson in Once Upon a Time

Sebastian Stan as Jefferson in Once Upon a Time

According to, the answer is “maybe.” More after the jump.

The show, which originally was going to debut as a mini-series during next winter’s Once Upon a Time hiatus, has been picked up as a full series and has been moved up to debut in the fall. So the network must have a lot of confidence in the show. If you watch the trailer, you can see why. The show looks fantastic.

And now, for the question that fans most want to know: Will Sebastian Stan, who played the Mad Hatter and his Storybrooke alter-ego Jefferson in Once Upon a Time, be coming back? For a long time, from what we heard, it sounded like the answer was “no,” that he couldn’t be in the new show because his schedule was too busy. But now there is at least a glimmer of hope. OUAT — and OUAT in Wonderland — creator Edward Kitsis, quoted in an article published today in, left the door open a crack:

As for Sebastian Stan, the Mad Hatter that fans have already come to know and love in Once, Kitsis says that infamous role in Wonderland all depends on the actor’s busy schedule. “If Sebastian has a week, we’ll take it,” Kitsis says, adding, “[But] he could be free when Wonderland wraps. We’d love to have him back.”

Do I hear a squee?

3 responses to “Is Sebastian Stan coming back in the spinoff show OUAT in Wonderland?

  1. Oh cool beans! I mention Sebastian in a comment and you do a post about him. Thanks Marj! It would be great if he guest starred on this new series. I wish he could be Alice’s love interest though. I’m not even sure what he is doing now, I guess I’ll have to google him to see what he is working on. I loved Hat Trick it was one of my favorite episodes even though it was really sad. I loved it to when Jefferson freed Belle from the psych ward although I’d still to see more karma given to Regina for that from Rump. Ironic though huh? Regina makes Jefferson go mad and then he frees someone she had deemed as mad who wasn’t. Regina is so nasty.

  2. Is Cora going to be the Queen of Hearts???

    • The producers recently said that they want Barbara Hershey to come back as Cora — if she says “yes.” I think she probably will..

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