What did you think of the Season 2 finale (aired May 12, 2013)?

Was the finale all you’d hoped it would be?

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  1. I’ve been a Peter Pan fan my whole life, and I believe that Henry is Peter Pan. In the original Peter Pan story and lore Peter goes to the Darling’s house to search for his shadow. The writers of Once Upon A Time have reversed it. Instead of Peter searching for the shadow, the shadow is searching for Peter. At the end of the episode we learn that the boy the shadow is searching for is Henry. Therefore, Henry is Peter Pan.

  2. interesting, I just do not think Henry is as he was sent throught the port as an infant

  3. sorry his mom was, so Emma and Neil would be Peter Pan’s parents?

  4. pat I do believe that Henry is Peter Pan. Yes that means Emma and Neil are his parents.

    • I don’t believe Henry is Peter Pan. Peter Pan is looking for a certain boy. When one of the lost boys asked if Bae was the person of interest, another lost boy shook his head no, and handed the first lost boy the sketch of the boy being sought. The boy in the sketch was Henry. Henry is the one Peter Pan is looking for.

    • If Henry was Peter Pan, that would mean Henry had his shadow ripped from him. Wouldn’t everybody notice that he wasn’t casting a shadow? Kinda like a vampire not casting a reflection in a mirror?

  5. Princess Donna

    I like the theory that Henry might be Peter Pan. Sounds like a unique twist that could really be interesting for next season.

    Although I’m a little disappointed that they never showed the Cinderella story line for Season 2 – since that is my favorite fairy tale. Oh well, can’t have everything.

  6. Riles if you remember the shadow came to the Darling house, and Wendy said that the shadow took children. The shadow is looking for Peter Pan, and Peter Pan is Henry.

  7. Hey, Rumple tried to kill Henry in the beginning of the show. Within less than a day he’s trying to save him? Hmmmmmmm.
    Is he really trying to save him, or is he going to Neverland to ensure Henry dies.
    Funny how he would flip-flop on such a fundamental issue. Maybe restoring Belle awoken a side of him to do the right thing…..I dunno.

    • Another surprising flip-flop was when Hook decided he didn’t want to kill Rumple after all, when killing Rumple was all that he cared about for years. Maybe the near brush with death made everyone reconsider their priorities? Or perhaps Bae’s disappearance brought both Rumple and Hook — who both had reason to feel guilty about Bae’s fate — back to their senses?

  8. Riles I think your theory about the shadow is interesting, but everything hasn’t been revealed. Based on what has been revealed, I came up with this theory. There are some holes in it, but I believe that the holes will be filled in season 3 and my theory will become a reality.

  9. The writers gave hints that we wouldn’t meet the next character until next season. We have already met Henry.

  10. Peter Pan might not be the next character. It could be someone else.

  11. I think the next character will finally be Tinker Bell.

  12. Touche!! Very nice Peter !

  13. Princess Donna

    Riles, the lost boys never actually said Peter Pan was looking for someone. They always said “he”. So Henry could very well be Peter Pan. I mean, who knows with this show?!?! They made Mr. Gold to be the Beast and Rumple. So anything is possible.

    But that is a good point about Henry not having a shadow (like you mentioned in your earlier post).

    Like I said, who knows! But it sure is fun to speculate and talk to other fans about different possibilities.

  14. Hi, guys. Just finished watching it now. I think Felix (the Lost Boy in the hood) was Peter Pan. The Lost Boy with the bandana on his face said, “Do you think we’ll ever be able to find him?” And the Lost Boy w/the hood said, “Of course we will. It may take time, but Peter Pan never fails.”

    I thought the Lost Boy w/the hood was referring to himself …. saying, essentially, “I never fail.”

    Or maybe Peter Pan was their boss. But it wouldn’t make such sense to say that Peter Pan wouldn’t fail in finding Peter Pan, which is what it would be if Henry was Peter Pan.

  15. But, if that’s right, then why did they want Henry? I know I’m always being reminded of LOST, ha, but when Tamara and Greg grabbed Henry, it reminded me of the Others in LOST taking the children.

  16. Oh, btw, Regina’s attempt to save Henry does not excuse her past Evil ways. Like I said before….she slaughtered an entire village. There’s no coming back from that. I don’t care what she does.
    Even if she was successful in saving all of the Storybrooke townsfolk, she is the one who enacted it.
    She would need to do an exponential act of saving grace to redeem herself.
    Until then,,,,burn her at the stake.

  17. I don’t think Henry is Peter Pan either, but it is obvious that they are making Peter Pan into a dark entity. So, why? I guess we have all summer to figure it out. I think it was cool how Hook came back, I think the hurt boy in him connected with hurt Bae. UNLESS, Hook knows something about Peter Pan that has to do with Bae being Henry’s father. The whole thing about Greg and Tamara hating magick but then going to Neverland was just weird though. So they never really hated magick? What? They are working for Peter Pan? And I guess that shadow is Peter Pan’s shadow? Which is really evil? I think it was stupid that Rump left Belle there-he should of had the Blue Fairy cast the spell. He suddenly just gives her up? Snow was annoying again but I think all her goody two shoes drivel about Regina is just an attempt to make her be the woman who saved her from the horse when she was a little girl. Snow will have no rest until Regina finds her heart again. Al and all this episode was okay, but not as great as I hoped. I to though wish we could of seen more of Cinderella. Maybe next year..

    • I was surprised also that Greg and Tamara, who said the reason they wanted to destroy Storybrooke was because they hated magic, would use a magic bean themselves. On the other hand, as RumpleGold said, they’re just puppets. They probably have no idea what they are doing or why.

      I agree that Snow sees a goodness inside Regina based on the time the Regina saved her from the runaway horse. The odd thing is, if I recall correctly, that the whole runaway horse thing was a setup, something Cora set in motion to bring Regina closer to Snow’s father. Did Regina know that? I don’t remember.

      But there’s also more involved in the way that Snow deals with Regina. I think Snow is supposed to be the essence of goodness, and as such would be someone who doesn’t hate, doesn’t carry grudges, etc., and who always tries to take the path that does the least harm. In this episode, Snow said that it was wrong of her to kill Cora because it was the easy way out, that there had been other, more difficult ways, to defend themselves again Cora. I think that’s a noble sentiment … although I can’t think, offhand, of what those other ways might have been.

  18. I was just thinking — maybe part of the problem with seeing Regina the way that Snow sees Regina is that Lana Parilla does such a strong job portraying the Evil Queen, but she’s not as convincing when she plays Regina trying to be good. So no matter how much Regina SAYS she wants to be good, and how much she SAYS she loves Henry, it’s never as convincing as when the Evil Queen rips out a heart, kills Graham, kills her own father, orders an entire village murdered, etc. Regina’s attempted goodness is all there in the script, but it never comes alive the way that the Evil Queen’s evilness comes alive.

  19. Not sure about the Henry/ Peter Pan theory—-the Lost Boys were looking for someone Peter Pan wanted so wouldn’t that mean that Henry was looking for himself??? I think I prefer Henry being Henry and not having an alternate FTL identity. The fact that he is the grandson of Snow White and Prince Charming and Rumpelstiltskin may make him special in and of itself the same way that being the daughter of Snow and Charming makes Emma special.

    My only real problem with the finale is the same problem I’ve had with OUAT all season—-too much happening too quickly. There were touching moments to be sure(Emma embracing Snow and Charming as “Mom and Dad” being my favorite), just not enough time to enjoy them. The episode was full of rushed moments: the return of Belle and Sneezy’s memories, the epiphanies of Gold and Hook, Greg and Tamara deciding that capturing Henry meant more than their agenda(if in fact destroying magic ever really was their agenda)……at least Regina’s actions were more in line with her story arc for the season, to be worthy of Henry’s love. I also have to disagree that Lana Parilla seems less convincing playing Regina trying to be good. I take it as her playing Regina’s own insecurity—–she wants to be good but she’s been evil for so long she’s not sure the goodness she once had is in her anymore. Evil is a bad habit she’s finding hard to break.

    So my wish for the season three is that the show take its time and not allow the action and adventure to overshadow the characters and relationships. I also hope that they don’t spend the entire season in Neverland. The writers will be juggling at least four realms(FTL past and present, Storybrooke and Neverland)……quite a challenge but I’m hoping they pull it off; I’m hoping for the best.

    • Great points about Regina’s insecurity and about the problems coming from the show moving too quickly.

  20. The Lost Ones’ blonde leader said ‘Peter Pan never fails’ while looking at a sketch of Henry. The lost ones (not lost boys- they looked way to old to be boys) do not know who Henry is, only that ‘HE’ wants him. The blonde lost one might have been talking in the third person or we haven’t met Peter Pan yet. Peter Pan could simply be the shadow figure. Why Henry is so important to the evil being referred to as ‘HE’ is what I want to know. I am also interested to see who HE is and how he could possibly be more evil than Rumple.

    Now can someone explain WHAT IS GOING ON WITH SNOW WHITES EYEBROWS? they were redic this episode. I was very distracted.

    • Also- I was waiting the entire episode for Hook to reveal that he was really Bae’s father.. that would have been a huge twist.. all well.

  21. Oh Rump is going to flip if Hook is Bae’s real dad. Can you imagine that, Rump does all this to get his kid back and Bae is not even his kid! I hope they don’t do that, the storylines are complicated enough as it is. I wonder to how “he” is and how “he” could be worse than the dark one. Marj, what bothers me about Snow and all her don’t get rid of Regina crap is that she has no problems killing ogres who are just as bad as Regina. Then she talks about hunting and obviously has no problem killing an innocent deer. Her feelings or her goodness just don’t seem consistent. I agree to that Lana isn’t as convincing being nice ole Regina, although it will always bother me how she had to see Daniel killed right in front of her. (sidenote, he was so hot!! K, I just had to say it, lol). I am glad Cora is gone, I totally hated her and she got what she deserved. I just wish Snow could see that. Dawn I think she was using eyebrow pencil on her brows and I agree the color did not look as good. Maybe they were dyed and did not come out well? The eyebrow pencil is all wrong though. What I can’t stand is her hair as Mary Margaret. She looks so beautiful as Snow, especially in that scene where Charming is proposing to her ( I WANT that dress!). I wish they let Mary Margaret grow her freeking hair out this season too. The curse is broken, she should of at least gotten a wig. That style does not flatter her and it is sad because it is a waste of Ginnifer’s looks.
    (P.S. Marji, I love your LOST blog, I looked at it. I wish I had watched LOST when it was on (have seen it all on Netflix) cause I would of loved to talk about it on your site. It would of been fun).

    • That would be quite the twist if Hook is Bae’s father! I hadn’t thought of that — but of course, he could be. If he is, I wonder if he knew or suspected.

      I guess it doesn’t bother me that Snow kills Ogres because they don’t seem to be human. But I agree her character isn’t always consistent. Sometimes she’s sweet and innocent, sometime’s she’s badass, and sometimes she does have violent impulses, which she is unable to control. Remember when Charming had to stop her from shooting Regina with an arrow?

      Sandy: “The curse is broken, she should of at least gotten a wig.” LOL!

      Thanks for what you said about the LOST blog. Maybe there will be a LOST movie, and then we can all talk about it together! Well, a girl can hope.

  22. Spelt your name wrong in (), Marj, sorry.

  23. I think that later we will see flashbacks as to how Bae was able to leave neverland. (to make Henry) “HE” will realize that Bae will eventaully become Henry’s father. So he needs to let him leave in order for that to happen.

  24. Oh I’m waitin! I’m waitin for a Lost reunion movie! I’m still not over Charlie sacrificing himself and dying and I guess he wouldn’t be in it though if there was one. :( . So many people were really into Rumpbelle this year and last, . although I’m not really, but I was into Clare and Charlie. I really wanted them to get off the island and be together. I think they needed each other in different ways and they surely would of fixed each other’s lives I think. But no……Charlie has to die. Grrrr…Clare needed Charlie to trust men again and Charlie needed Clare to ground him. To help him get over all the danger and superficialness of fame. And a reason to stay off of the drugs, which her son provided. Charlie would of been such a good step-Dad. Anyway I guess Rump needs Belle though to ground him as well due to his obsession with power. Why Belle needs Rump I’m still trying to figure out. But I guess they are going to be separated for a while so, I wonder what is going to happen with that. I’ve been trying to figure out why “he” wants Henry too, but I come to a stalemate because I can’t for the life of me figure out who “he” is. If I knew that then maybe the ideas about why he wants Henry would flow, but no go. Who do you think he is Marj? And yeah a wig! They could of had a scene where she is looking in the mirror and her hair just grows back because the curse is broken. Or used various wigs of different lengths to make it long again by the finale. With magick around anything is possible right? The least they could of done was have Samantha Stevens pop in and twich her nose and make it grow. Okay, I’m getting silly now. :)

  25. I think that “he” is Peter Pan — a dark and twisted Peter Pan with a painful past.

    The LOST couple I most wanted to see was Kate and Sawyer, who I thought had the best chemistry of everyone. Agree with you that Claire and Charley were very good for each other, and also agree that it’s hard to see what Belle sees in Rumple. Maybe she likes trying to redeem bad boys?

  26. Well, you know Peter Pan wasn’t exactly a good kid, but from reading what I have recently he was abandoned by his parents and that had something to do with it I guess, which is understandable. It’s weird that if he is Peter Pan, which he probably is, he wants Henry who felt abandoned by Emma and who was born from Emma who felt abandoned by her parents. The one thing I still don’t get after watching this show for two years is how did Henry know Emma was his mother? Do you have any ideas? There was nothing obviously in his Fairy Tale book to let him know this. So that says to me, that Henry knows more about some things then have been led to believe. Kate and Sawyer were cute together and I admit half the reason I watched LOST was to drool over Josh Holloway, lol.

  27. then *we have been led to believe.

  28. I do not understand Henry for not putting up a fight like most kids would do…scratch, bite, scream, anything, even kick. He definitely would have gotten away…now Hook is going back to his time…isn’t it impossible to be intwo places at the same time?

  29. Very late reply(excited that they will start filming season 3 in just 2 days.)
    you know how peter pan in the Disney movie wanted to attach his shadow back. i think that in OUAT its going to be the other way around. the shadow is looking for his human and that human will end up being Henry.

  30. by the way everyone the first episode the season 3 is called “The Heart of the Truest Believer” i think that we will finally find out how Henry got to Storybrook. What do you think?

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