Sneak peek for 2×18 “Selfless Brave and True” airing 3/24/13

Sneak peek, promotional photos, and the Canadian promo after the jump (spoilers)

Regina recognizes Greg/Owen.

Best lines:

“Monthly juice cleanse … it does wonders for the skin.”

“I’m not a scared little boy anymore, Madam Mayor.”

“Contrary to what you might think, people can just disappear.”

Promotional photos — looks like Rumple is not the only “man of magic” who dispenses potions:

Canadian promo — There’s a little more here about what happened to August:

4 responses to “Sneak peek for 2×18 “Selfless Brave and True” airing 3/24/13

  1. Isn’t Bae’s girlfriend also Cinderella’s fairy godmother? (He killed her, then took her wand.)

  2. Marj (the blog host previously known as Ms Terri)

    Nope, they’re played by different actresses. Catherine Lough Haggquist played Cinderella’s fairy godmother. The actress playing Bae’s girlfriend is Sonequa Martin-Green.

  3. I’m putting my money on the fact that Tamara is not a fairy tale character.
    I wonder where Hook is at.
    Here’s hoping tonight’s episode is better than last week! They really should have had more episodes. If tonight’s show is weak, and they take 3 weeks hiatus, they may not get alot of viewers back due to lost interest.

  4. Marj (the blog host previously known as Ms Terri)

    I’m optimistic. They usually have a strong episode when they’re going into a hiatus — for just the reason you said — otherwise, they’d lose a lot of viewers. If they’re smart, they’ll have a big cliffhanger to give people something to talk about until the show comes back.

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