Sneak Peeks and Promo for 2×13 Tiny

Once Upon a Time Tiny

Jorge Garcia as the Giant in 2×13 “Tiny”

Once Upon a Time will be back from its second winter break on Sunday (Feb. 10), with an episode guest-starring Jorge Garcia as the Giant.  

Here’s a promo — Fee Fi Fo Run:

Sneak peeks are after the jump (warning: spoilers)

The Giant (aka Anton) meets Prince Charming and Jacqueline (aka Jack), who has a size-changing magic mushroom that she appears to have gotten from Wonderland:

Gold, Emma, and Henry embark on a road trip. (If the theory is true that Gold is Henry’s grandfather, then this would be a family road trip, ha):

Anton the Giant shows up in Storybrooke, and boy is he pissed:

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