Info on upcoming epsidode 2×09 “Queen of Hearts” (airs Dec. 2, 2012)

The Queen of Hearts, her face hidden behind a veil, in the Season One episode Hat Trick

The title of this episode suggests we may be finding out the identity of Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts, seen for the first and only time in episode 1×17 Hat Trick. Many people who comment on this blog (including myself) think that we know who the Queen of Hearts is. See who that is, along with the (potentially spoilery) network’s information about the episode, after the jump.

Many of us think that the Queen of Hearts is Cora.

Here’s the official episode description:

Cora and Hook face off with Mary Margaret and Emma in a race to secure the compass, which will point its holder to the portal into Storybrooke.

But back on the other side, Regina and Mr. Gold, desperate to keep Cora out, put a plan into action that would kill anyone entering the portal – placing Mary Margaret’s and Emma’s lives in danger as well.

Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Captain Hook travels to Wonderland and meets up with a vengeful Queen of Hearts.

Returning guest stars:

Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy
Barbara Hershey as Cora
Colin O’Donoghue as Hook
Sarah Bolger as Aurora
Jamie Chung as Mulan
David-Paul Grove as Doc
Faustino Di Bauda as Sleepy
Jeffrey Kaiser as Dopey
Michael Coleman as Happy
Mig Macario as Bashful
Paul McGillion as Knave of Hearts (previously in Hat Trick)

The only new guest actor for this episode is Paul Lazenby as Black Knight No. 1, presumably a very small role.

“Queen of Hearts” was written by show creators Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Ralph Hemecker, who previously directed Hat Trick (very appropriate, since we will be going back to Wonderland), 7:15 A.M., and season 2’s premiere, Broken.

7 responses to “Info on upcoming epsidode 2×09 “Queen of Hearts” (airs Dec. 2, 2012)

  1. If Cora isn’t the Queen of Hearts, I guess the only other possibilities, given the cast list for this episode, is that she is Aurora’s or Mulan’s evil twin!

    • Strangely enough, the press release for Hat Trick listed someone named Jennifer Koenig as the guest star playing the Queen of Hearts. When I looked her up on IMDB just now, she is also listed as being in the Queen of Hearts episode! But she is NOT listed as being in the cast in the press release for that episode.

      I still think the Queen is Cora, and ABC may be trying to leave false clues so as not to give it away.

      • Oh this is weird — if you click on “Queen of Hearts” under Jennifer Koenig’s name (on her IMDB listing), it doesn’t go to the OUAT episode of that name (as I assumed it would earlier), but to an IMDB page listing various films where a Queen of Hearts character appeared.

  2. I dont think The Queen of Hearts is Cora, it ll be someone we havent seen yet, we ll just have to wait and see who she is .

  3. I’ll be happy to see Paul McGillion again. But I’m not sold on Cora being the Queen of Hearts.

  4. It makes sense that Cora is the Queen of Hearts. Regina pushed her into another world through a looking glass, she loves to steal hearts, and Regina had to go to Wonderland to get her father back. The Queen of Hearts also kept Jefferson to recreate the hat in hat trick because she wanted to go back to FTL, presumably to get even with Regina. Then again, who knows.

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