Polls: Who is August W. Booth?

Update 9/30/12: These polls were taken before The Stranger (episode 1.20) revealed August Booth’s identity. See the recap for The Stranger for more details.

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August W. Booth in episode 18 "The Stable Boy"

This blog’s previous polls on August W. Booth’s identity closed over a month ago, on March 4. Since then, we’ve learned a few more things about the mysterious stranger. So who do you think he is now?

These polls will stay open through the hiatus, then will close before the next episode — The Return — begins. We will almost certainly be getting some answers about Booth’s identity in that episode.

Please discuss your theories in the comments below. As always, speculation is more than welcome, but no actual spoilers.

3 responses to “Polls: Who is August W. Booth?

  1. I’ve heard someone say that you can take August W. Booth, and get “A Wooden Boy” by using the first letters. Pinocchio clue perhaps?

  2. There’s something important about his connection to water. In addition to the well he showed Emma, he always orders water or has water with him, though he doesn’t often drink it.

  3. Possum Snoodle

    August Booth = White Knight aka Lewis Carroll.

    Reasoning: August also means “noble” and a “carol/carrel” is also a booth of sorts AND found often in libraries. So, a “Noble Carol” is Lewis Carroll’s alter ego/Fairy Tale Land persona, The White Knight of Wonderland fame. As an author, Lewis Carroll embedded himself in Wonderland as The White Knight. August Booth is a writer, knows the art of bookbinding and is fulfilling the classic role of coming to the aid of a damsel in distress (Emma) – and on a fine steed (motorcycle) to boot. Also, his mysterious identity plays well into the Caterpillar’s catch phrase, “Who are you?”

    IF August is White Knight /Carroll, perhaps, by writing himself into Wonderland as the White Knight, created a duality (Looking Glass) that allows him to move more freely between worlds/Storybrooke AND as an author, he has the power to edit or subtly guide the storyline through his pen/sword which is his magic wand of sorts.There seems to be an underlying theme for the characters to believe in themselves, embrace their abilities and use their imagination to overcome Fear and obstacles. So, if August is or is somehow connected to Lewis Carroll, he probably won’t use the full power of his pen/wand to write out the obstacles along the journey the characters and the reader/audience must go on to discover who they are and to learn “lessons” like Alice had to. August never seems to reveal any easy answers to Emma, as making it all too easy, lessens the lesson – and “what’s the lesson in that?”

    It is also interesting that Emma looks a bit like a grown-up Alice (still growing up and learning lessons, it seems) and she’s been chasing her White Rabbit (Henry) “down the adoption and emotional rabbit hole” and into Storybrooke. Also interesting is, The White Rabbit traveled between worlds, as did Henry, when he sought Emma. The “pet name” for Henry is sometimes Harry and this leads us to “hare.” Although, a hare varies from a rabbit, it’s worth consideration. Then, of course, everyone thinks Henry’s “mad as a March Hare, eh? Gotta wonder what month he was born.

    …and what about the “W.” in August W. Booth? Is it as simple as “W.” for Writer or Is it White, as in White Knight or is he related somehow to Snow White? If it’s White, it could be that it’s not just the chess color or the traditional color of Good that makes him the White Knight, it could mean he serves to protect Snow White AND Emma/Alice from their respective Jabberwocks. One has to W.onder…

    – – Happy Endings, Everyone.

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