Small (but very exciting) spoiler for “Skin Deep”

I want to stay unspoiled, so I’ve been avoiding reading much about the plot of tonight’s episode, Skin Deep. I did come across one little teaser, though, that is too good not to pass along:

Jane Espenson, the episode’s writer, told Blogcritics that Skin Deep will answer the frequently debated question about how much Mr. Gold in Storybrooke knows about what is going on.

(My guess is that he knows everything — that he knows all about the curse, knows about everyone’s real past, and remembers everything that happened in fairytale land.)

2 responses to “Small (but very exciting) spoiler for “Skin Deep”

  1. Isnt Skin the dark lord ? So he must know everything about both places in time. He wants nothing to change .

  2. I think he knows everything, but he’s been egging Emma on, trying to get her to confront Regina. So I think he wants some things to change.

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