Sneak peeks of Episode 6 “The Shepherd”

Once Upon a Time episode 6

Rumpelstiltskin in "The Shepherd"

Episode 6, The Shepherd, was written by Andrew Chambliss (who wrote for Dollhouse and The Vampire Diaries) and Ian Goldberg (who wrote for Criminal Minds and FlashForward). It’s directed by Victor Nelli, who has a lot of TV credits, including being a writer and executive producer for Outsourced and Ugly Betty. This is the first time for all of them on Once Upon a Time.

There are four sneak peeks of The Shepherd (slightly spoilery) after the jump:

Emma, Henry, and David (John Doe):

Some fairy tale people — and Rumpelstiltskin with the best laugh ever! Robert Carlyle is so good in this role. He is to OUAT what Michael Emerson was to LOST — the screen crackles with extra (malevolent) energy whenever he appears:

Mary Margaret, the obnoxious doctor from her bad date, and Regina being evil (convincingly, this time):

Emma, the Sheriff, and Mary Margaret (this clip is a bit more spoiler-ish than the others):

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