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Lana Parrilla meeting with fans on Twitter Sunday 12/22/13

Once Upon a Time 1x21 An Apple Red as Blood

Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen in Season 1, episode 21

Not yet ready to let go of the show for the long winter hiatus?

Get one more OUAT fix by interacting with Lana Parrilla on Twitter. She’ll be at #AskLana at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time.

This is what she wrote on her Twitter feed (@LanaParrilla): “In honour of reaching 200k followers, let’s meet at 3pm Eastern this Sunday for an #AskLana session! It’s a date ;)”

Live Twitter chat with Sinqua Walls (Lancelot) on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012

Sinqua Walls

Sinqua Walls, who is guest-starring as Sir Lancelot in episode 2×03 Lady of the Lake tonight (Oct. 14), will be live tweeting the episode during the West Coast broadcast (8-9 pm Pacific time, which is 11-midnight Eastern time).

His Twitter account is @sinquawalls 


Jamie Dornan is coming back, one way or another

Once Upon a Time The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Sheriff Graham, looking very dead, at the end of Episode 7 (screencap via rawr)

We saw Graham die — or should I say (cue Twilight Zone music) we saw him appear to die — at the end of episode 7. That doesn’t mean that Jamie Dornan, the actor who played Graham and the Huntsman, is off the show for good.

Even if Graham is really dead (despite my hopes for post-hiatus CPR administered by Dr. Whale and Mr. Gold), there’s always the Huntsman, whose fairytale story may not be over.

This evening, in a tweet, Jamie Dornan seemed to confirm that he will be back. While he didn’t say that exactly, I think he left little room for doubt:

Thank you all for your kind words! Don’t stop watching #onceuponatime . As I’ve said before. ANYTHING can happen in fairytale land ! X

Also, as many people have pointed out, his IMDB page lists him in 21 episodes. (Edited to add 9/9/12: Now his IMDB page is showing only the eight episodes he was in during Season 1. Hmmm ….)

Edited to add 3/12/13: We now have the answer — see this.

Jennifer Morrison will be live tweeting Episode 7

Once Upon a Time Emma Swan

Jennifer Morrison promo photo

This week’s live tweeter is Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan), @jenmorrisonlive. She’ll be tweeting during the East and West Coast broadcasts of Episode 7, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

Last time, Twitter cut off @JoshDallas and put him in Twitter jail because he sent out too many tweets. Hopefully, they won’t be sending anyone else to the Twitter dungeon.

Josh Dallas will be live tweeting Episode 6 “The Shepherd”

Josh Dallas as Prince Charming promo photo

On Sunday, December 4, 2011, @JoshDallas (Prince Charming and John Doe-aka-David) will be answering questions and live tweeting during both the East Coast and West Coast broadcasts.

Live Twitter chat tonight (Sunday, Nov 27) with Jiminy Cricket

Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket and Archie Once Upon a Time

Raphael Sbarge promo photo

@RaphaelSbarge, who plays Jiminy Cricket and Archie Hopper (Henry’s therapist), will be taking questions and live tweeting during the East Coast and West Coast broadcasts of tonight’s episode (1.5 That Still Small Voice).