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Recap Season 1 finale — 1.22 A Land Without Magic

Purple smoke pours out of the wishing well

Henry, after eating the Evil Queen’s apple turnover and collapsing at the end of the previous episode, is rushed to the hospital, but the doctors can’t find any evidence that he was poisoned. Continue reading

Episode 18 “The Stable Boy” — Recap, review, etc.

Long-simmering questions get answers, and connections between characters, deep in the past, are uncovered in this excellent episode. We learn how Regina became evil and why she hates Snow White. We find out that Regina’s mother is the miller’s daughter, that August W. Booth does not lie, and that Katherine is still alive. There is much here to ponder during the break. Continue reading

Quick Cap: Episode 14 “Dreamy” recap, review, etc.

Lee Arenberg (Dreamy/Grumpy/Leroy) falls in love with Amy Acker (Nova/Astrid) in both worlds — and in both, she is off-limits, someone he is not supposed to love.

Things work out better for them in Storybrooke than in FTL, despite the Storybrooke curse. Continue reading

Episode 1.3 “Snow Falls” recap, review, etc.

Prince Charming and Snow White Once Upon a Time


Snow White and Prince Charming push the limits of meeting cute when she ambushes his carriage and bashes him in the chin with a rock. It is, of course, love at first sight, and for their first date they fight off loathsome creatures to save each other’s lives, but they cannot yet be together.

Two strong LOST shout-outs here — when Prince Charming uses Danielle Rousseau’s technique of trapping people in nets swinging from trees, and when a “Wanted” poster is shown revealing that Snow White is a Kate-like fugitive (she even looks a bit like Kate while peering out of the netting). Continue reading