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Wicked is coming

This promo was shown as a commercial during the Oscars broadcast — strangely enough (or maybe not so strange? maybe it was planned?) right after a tribute to The Wizard of Oz on the Oscars show.

Once Upon a Time will be back in six days on Sunday, March 9, with 3×12 New York City Serenade.

Can the curse be stopped in 3×11 Going Home (12/15/13)?

3x11 curse

In this episode, the season’s winter finale, we’ll find out if Pan’s plan will succeed. More after the jump, including some surprising returning characters, and two sneak peek clips (warning: spoilers!!) Continue reading

It’s about parents and children in OUAT-Wonderland episode 1×07 Bad Blood (Dec. 5, 2013)

W1x07 Alices father

We’ll learn more about Alice and about Jafar. More after the jump (slight spoilers) Continue reading

The Neverland adventurers return to Storybrooke in 3×10 “The New Neverland” (Dec. 8, 2013)

3x10 Pan Emma

It’s reunion time in Storybrooke. More after the jump (slight spoilers): Continue reading

Naveen Andrews as Jafar in OUAT Wonderland

Naveen Andrews as Jafar in Once Wonderland, from promo

Naveen Andrews as Jafar, from promo

You’ve probably heard that Naveen Andews, who played Sayid in LOST, is coming back to play the villain Jafar in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. You can catch a glimpse of him in this promo:

Hat tip: David

OUAT Season 3 promos

On the pirate ship with a blood-stained globe, from the "Join Forces" Season 3 promo

On the pirate ship with a blood-stained globe, from the “Join Forces” Season 3 promo

Four promos for the upcoming season … after the jump … Continue reading