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Recap Season One Pilot

The man we will later come to know as Prince Charming gallops through a wintry forest. When he finds Snow White in a glass coffin, the dwarves tell him he is too late. Continue reading

Recap Season 1 finale — 1.22 A Land Without Magic

Purple smoke pours out of the wishing well

Henry, after eating the Evil Queen’s apple turnover and collapsing at the end of the previous episode, is rushed to the hospital, but the doctors can’t find any evidence that he was poisoned. Continue reading

Episode 1.16 “Heart of Darkness” — recap, review, etc.

Great episode! Mary Margaret’s on the lam! David saw the past! Rumpelstiltskin collects hair!

In this Snow White centric episode, Ginnifer Goodwin acts her heart out in three distinctly different roles — Snow White under the spell, Snow White restored to herself, and Mary Margaret in a performance that broke my heart. Continue reading

Quick Cap — Episode 13 What Happened to Frederick — Recap, Review, etc.

Once Upon a Time What Happened to FrederickIn this Prince-Charming-centric episode we find out that Abigail/Katherine isn’t so bad after all, but the Evil Queen (still) is. We learn the Mysterious Stranger’s name; Henry gets his book back, except it’s not exactly his book; Mary Margaret breaks up with David; and Katherine disappears. Continue reading

Episode 1.6 “The Shepherd” recap, review, etc.

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Once Upon a Time The Shepherd

Mary Margaret, at the bridge, when David tells her he's going back to Kathryn


In fairy tale land, Rumpelstiltskin is once again pulling everybody’s strings, even those of the king (played by Alan Dale, who was Charles Widmore on LOST). The king’s son, who is not really his son, but was given to him as part of a deal years ago with good old Rumpel, dies flamboyantly. Prince Charming, not yet a prince, but a dewy-faced impoverished shepherd trying to save his mother’s farm, finds out (from Rumpel, natch) that he is the twin brother of the dead-by-barbecue-spit prince, and he is called in to pinch-hit as a dragon slayer. Continue reading