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Quick Cap Episode 10 “7:15 A.M.” — recap, review, etc.

Prince Charming and Snow White Once Upon a Time

Everything in this episode leads up to the final moment when Mary Margaret and David kiss at last — more evidence that the curse over Storybrooke continues to grow weaker. Continue reading

Episode 1.6 “The Shepherd” recap, review, etc.

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Once Upon a Time The Shepherd

Mary Margaret, at the bridge, when David tells her he's going back to Kathryn


In fairy tale land, Rumpelstiltskin is once again pulling everybody’s strings, even those of the king (played by Alan Dale, who was Charles Widmore on LOST). The king’s son, who is not really his son, but was given to him as part of a deal years ago with good old Rumpel, dies flamboyantly. Prince Charming, not yet a prince, but a dewy-faced impoverished shepherd trying to save his mother’s farm, finds out (from Rumpel, natch) that he is the twin brother of the dead-by-barbecue-spit prince, and he is called in to pinch-hit as a dragon slayer. Continue reading

Behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of Episode 6 “The Shepherd”

These are interesting — and slightly spoilerish. Click to continue: Continue reading

Episode 1.3 “Snow Falls” recap, review, etc.

Prince Charming and Snow White Once Upon a Time


Snow White and Prince Charming push the limits of meeting cute when she ambushes his carriage and bashes him in the chin with a rock. It is, of course, love at first sight, and for their first date they fight off loathsome creatures to save each other’s lives, but they cannot yet be together.

Two strong LOST shout-outs here — when Prince Charming uses Danielle Rousseau’s technique of trapping people in nets swinging from trees, and when a “Wanted” poster is shown revealing that Snow White is a Kate-like fugitive (she even looks a bit like Kate while peering out of the netting). Continue reading