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Once Upon a Time renewed for fourth season

Michael Socha,  who played Will Scarlet (the Knave of Hearts) in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will be joining the OUAT cast

Michael Socha will be joining the OUAT cast when the show comes back for its fourth season

Although the renewal has been rumored for a while, tonight was the first time ABC officially announced it.

Also, Michael Socha, who played Will in the canceled OUAT-Wonderland, will be moving over to Once Upon a Time, where he will become a regular cast member.

OUAT in Wonderland canceled

Next Thursday’s episode (April 3, 2014) will be the last.

What do you think?

Synopsis of the final episode after the jump. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is back tonight (March 6, 2014)

Wonderland 1x9 Nothing to Fear

The show is back from its hiatus with episode 1×09 Nothing to Fear at 8:00.

Alice and Cyrus reunite in Once-Wonderland 1×08 “Home” (12/12/13)

"I thought I'd never see you again."

“I thought I’d never see you again.”

The December 12, 2013 episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is the show’s winter finale.

After the winter hiatus, the show will return on March 6, 2014, with the ninth episode, which has yet to be named.

In “Home,” we get a flashback that should flesh out a character who we don’t yet know much about. We’ll also see conflict in present-day Wonderland, leading to what the network’s official description calls “chaotic events” and “drastic change.” Plus, there’s a new celebrity guest-star voice. More after the jump (very mild spoilers). Continue reading

No Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episode on Thanksgiving (Nov. 28, 2013)

turkeyThis Thursday, there won’t be a Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episode. Instead, in the Once-Wonderland timeslot, ABC will be showing A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, the traditional holiday special that has been on the air every year since 1973.

Earlier this week, I ran a poll asking if you would rather watch OUAT or Miley Cyrus. It was no surprise that the votes were VERY lopsided, with more than 98% saying they’d rather watch OUAT.

Here’s another poll, this one pitting Once-Wonderland against the Charlie Brown special. I think the vote may be closer this time, but let’s see how it turns out …

Once-Wonderland will be back on Dec. 5, 2013, with episode 1×07 Bad Blood.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Jafar takes a trip in OUAT-Wonderland 1×06 Who’s Alice (11/21/13)

W1x06 knave and alice

Will this episode be as good as last week’s? Keeping fingers crossed. Meanwhile, there is more info about the episode after the jump (minor spoilers) Continue reading