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Recap episode 1.20 The Stranger

Once Upon a Time The Stranger

Young August saying goodbye to baby Emma

I’m going to try to fill in the gaps in my collection of recaps, before the new season starts. This is the recap of The Stranger, the episode where we finally learn the identity of August W. Booth, aka the Mysterious Stranger.

During a storm at sea, Pinocchio — still made of wood — sacrifices his life to save his father, Geppetto. The Blue Fairy brings him back to life by turning him into a real boy. She tells Pinocchio that as long as he remains brave, truthful. and unselfish, he will always remain real. Continue reading

Poll and discussion: Episode 20 “The Stranger”

My initial thoughts and comments after the jump (spoilers if you haven’t yet seen the episode). Please chime in with your comments. Continue reading

Is August Pinocchio? and other new polls

(Polls closed 4/29, before the start of “The Stranger,” which will probably answer all, or at least some, of the questions. See poll results after the jump). Continue reading

Polls: Who is August W. Booth?

Update 9/30/12: These polls were taken before The Stranger (episode 1.20) revealed August Booth’s identity. See the recap for The Stranger for more details.

Original post:

Polls closed! See the results after the jump: Continue reading

Polls: Who is August W. Booth, and what does his name mean?

Update 9/20/12: This post contains polls taken before the show revealed the identity of the mysterious stranger August W. Booth. Now we know who he is — see the recap for episode 20, The Stranger.

Even though we now know August’s fairytale identity, there hasn’t yet been any explanation of what the name “August W. Booth” itself actually means. “August Wayne Booth” does anagram to “Snow, a tough beauty,” for whatever that is worth. At this point, I think the name is most likely a nod to Wayne Booth (creator of the term “unreliable narrator”), as a reference to the lies that August has told. But if so, what does “August” stand for?

Original post below:

These four polls are about August W. Booth, aka the Mysterious Stranger, aka the guy in the black leather jacket.

The choices in the polls come from some of the theories suggested in previous comment sections, plus a few more I added. I tried to give credit, where I could, to the first person who posted each theory. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas! Continue reading

Quick Cap — Episode 13 What Happened to Frederick — Recap, Review, etc.

Once Upon a Time What Happened to FrederickIn this Prince-Charming-centric episode we find out that Abigail/Katherine isn’t so bad after all, but the Evil Queen (still) is. We learn the Mysterious Stranger’s name; Henry gets his book back, except it’s not exactly his book; Mary Margaret breaks up with David; and Katherine disappears. Continue reading