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Recap of OUAT 3×11 Going Home

Emma and Henry saying goodbye, as the curse comes rolling in

Emma and Henry saying goodbye, as the curse comes rolling in

It’s been so long since the last episode aired (Dec. 15, 2013) that I forgot what happened and had to rewatch it. Here’s a recap if you too need your memory refreshed before the show comes back on Sunday: (recap after the jump) Continue reading

Quick recap of 2×13 “Tiny”

Once Upon a Time 2x13 Tiny Gold airport

Gold going through airport security without his magic-infused scarf

Anton, a gentle Giant played by Jorge Garcia, finds humans and their culture fascinating — an interest that is not shared by his Giant brothers, who know that humans can’t be trusted. Anton — who seems to be, emotionally, a young teenager — feels misunderstood by his brothers, who tease him and call him “Tiny,” because of his (relatively!) small size. Continued after the jump: Continue reading

Titles of episodes 1 through 6 of Season 2

Episode 1 Broken
Episode 2 We Are Both
Episode 3 Lady of the Lake
Episode 4 The Crocodile
Episode 5 The Doctor
Episode 6 Tallahassee (which sounds like it may be a shout-out to the LOST episode The Man from Tallahassee, which was one of my all-time favorite episodes from that show)

Quick Cap Episode 10 “7:15 A.M.” — recap, review, etc.

Prince Charming and Snow White Once Upon a Time

Everything in this episode leads up to the final moment when Mary Margaret and David kiss at last — more evidence that the curse over Storybrooke continues to grow weaker. Continue reading

Episode 1.7 “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” recap, review, etc.

(Last edit 12/17/11 — added more screencaps)

Episode 7 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Evil Queen squeezing the Huntsman's heart

In this powerful episode, a character dies just as we were getting to know him. And if we ever had any doubts about whether Regina knew everything, those doubts were laid to rest.


Kisses have a lot of power. A kiss brought Snow White back to life in the Pilot. A kiss, in this episode, tears a rupture in the wall between the fairytale and modern worlds and brings Graham’s fairytale memories back. Continue reading

LOST references in 1.6 “The Shepherd”

(last edited 12/8/11)

Once Upon a Time episode 6 The Shepherd

Alan Dale as King George

In a shout-out as blatant as last week’s Apollo candy bar, MacCutcheon whiskey, a fictitious brand especially prized by Charles Widmore and appearing in many episodes of LOST, showed up in OUAT.  Continue reading