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Is Rumplestiltskin dead or alive? and other spoilers for OUAT episode 3×12 New York Serenade

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When OUAT comes back on March 9, 2014, after the winter hiatus, there will be a new character (who you have already seen if you watched the promo at the end of the last episode). For more about this character, some info on the second half of the season as a whole, and a hint about whether or not Rumple is really dead …. see after the jump (warning: spoilers) Continue reading

Naveen Andrews as Jafar in OUAT Wonderland

Naveen Andrews as Jafar in Once Wonderland, from promo

Naveen Andrews as Jafar, from promo

You’ve probably heard that Naveen Andews, who played Sayid in LOST, is coming back to play the villain Jafar in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. You can catch a glimpse of him in this promo:

Hat tip: David

Naveen Andrews joins Once:Wonderland to play a character with a dark and twisted agenda

Jafar in Disney's Aladdin

Jafar in Disney’s Aladdin

Another LOST alumni joins the OUAT family of shows. Naveen Andrews, the British actor who played Sayid in LOST, will be joining Once:Wonderland from its very first episode, airing Thursday, October 10, 2013, at 8 pm. This is his first role on U.S. television since LOST.

He will play Jafar, who was the villain in Disney’s 1992 film Aladdin. In the interview in the video below, which took place at ComicCon, Naveen says that Jafar has a “rather dark and twisted agenda that will affect all the characters in the show.” The interviewer asks, “But maybe a soft side?” Naveen answers, “That remains to be seen.”

I never saw Disney’s Aladdin, but I found a 10-minute clip on YouTube, which I’ve posted below. I think Naveen Andrews is perfect for the part — I can absolutely see him playing this character.

So now we know that Once:Wonderland, just like Once:Original, is going to be creating mashups of characters taken from different stories and films. Much as I’m glad to know that Naveen Andrews will be back on our TVs, and as fantastic as I think he will be in this role, I’m not so sure I want to see extraneous Disney characters brought into the Alice stories. I guess the spinoff will be more like the original show, at least in that respect, than I had expected.

Unless I’m forgetting someone, the LOST alumni count at this point including Naveen is five. In the original OUAT, there’s Alan Dale (Charles Widmore/King George), Jorge Garcia (Hurley/Anton the Giant), Lana Parrilla (guest role as an Other in LOST Season 3/Regina), and Emilie de Ravin (Claire/Belle).

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Info on upcoming episode 2×13 “Tiny” airing Feb. 13, 2013

Jorge Garcia as the Giant earlier this season in 2x06 Tallahassee

Jorge Garcia as the Giant earlier this season in 2×06 Tallahassee

After 2×12 In the Name of the Brother, which will air on January 20, 2013, Once Upon a Time is going to take another hiatus and will not return until three weeks later, on Feb. 13.

On that date, Jorge Garcia will be back for his second appearance as the Giant. Official description and list of guest stars after the jump (contains spoilers — including the name of the stranger whose car hit Hook in The Outsider): Continue reading

Info on Season 2, Episode 6 “Tallahassee”

This episode, which airs November 4,  looks like it’s going to be amazing.

Get ready for:

(1) The return of a beloved character who we’ve  been worried about.

(2) The return of a mysterious character who we’ve been intensely curious about.

(3) A guest star beloved by LOST fans.

More after the jump (warning: Spoilers!)  Continue reading

Georgeous new promo — and a heart-stopping moment

I was half-watching this Once Upon a Time promo, when I suddenly saw the face of Terry O’Quinn (Locke on LOST) appear on the screen. For a second, my heart stopped. Could he possibly be joining the show, I wondered — joining fellow LOST alumni Emilie de Ravin, Alan Dale and Jorge Garcia?

And then, a few moments later, I saw the ending credits and realized this was a combined promo for three shows — OUAT and Revenge and 666 Park Avenue, Terry’s new show, which debuts two hours after the OUAT season premiere.

That aside, I think this may be the best promo I’ve seen for OUAT. It has a bit of a surrealistic tinge, which reminds me of some of my favorite creative LOST promos, especially this one.