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OUAT Season 3’s fall season will be like a “giant movie”

Hook's ship about to fall into the portal to Neverland (end of Season 2)

Hook’s ship about to fall into the portal to Neverland (end of Season 2)

In an interview with TV Line, OUAT creator Edward Kitsis said that the 11 episodes set in Neverland will be “like one giant movie” that will have a “big, summer movie feel.” He promised lots of romance, action, adventure, and uplifting moments.

He also said that Robin Hood’s magic will come with both a price and a debt.

Writer Jane Espenson said, in an interview with Wetpaint, that in Season 3, they will be “really focusing in on the emotional arcs of the characters, especially the core characters.”

When asked if Rumple and Belle were doomed as a couple, she said she would be “surprised if that were the case.”

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Comic-Con 2013 Once Upon a Time and Once in Wonderland presentations

Enjoy! (video after the jump) Continue reading

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tease the finale

On Wednesday, Once Upon a Time creators/executive producers/writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz had a Facebook chat about the show. They showed a clip from the finale and answered questions from fans.

Some of the questions they answered (very slight spoilers): Continue reading

Ginnifer Goodwin teases the finale on Good Morning America, says we will be “shocked”

Ginnifer Goodwin on Good Morning America

Ginnifer Goodwin on Good Morning America

Ginnifer Goodwin was on GMA this morning (May 10, 2012) to tease the finale.

She said, “You will be shocked. You will throw things at the television. You will not believe it…. You will not believe where we are taking the show in the finale. It was shocking to all of us.”

You can watch the interview on the ABC site — the segment starts at 1:00.00.

Once Upon a Time music

Mark Isham, composer

Here’s something pretty to listen to while you’re reading the blog. It’s a collection of various Once Upon a Time musical themes: Continue reading

Lana Parrilla on “The Chew” 1/13/12

Lana Parrilla on "The Chew"

Brooklyn-born Lana Parrilla (Evil Queen, Regina) was back in New York today, making the rounds of the TV shows. First, she was on Live with Kelly, then she was on The Chew, a daytime talk and cooking show. Continue reading