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Deleted scenes with Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan)

Once Upon a Time Season One DVD extras deleted scene screencap

Emma and Graham in a deleted scene from the Pilot

These two deleted scenes are from the Season One DVD, via the Jamie Dornan Online fansite and the Oncers fan community. Video after the jump. Continue reading

Jamie Dornan is coming back, one way or another

Once Upon a Time The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Sheriff Graham, looking very dead, at the end of Episode 7 (screencap via rawr)

We saw Graham die — or should I say (cue Twilight Zone music) we saw him appear to die — at the end of episode 7. That doesn’t mean that Jamie Dornan, the actor who played Graham and the Huntsman, is off the show for good.

Even if Graham is really dead (despite my hopes for post-hiatus CPR administered by Dr. Whale and Mr. Gold), there’s always the Huntsman, whose fairytale story may not be over.

This evening, in a tweet, Jamie Dornan seemed to confirm that he will be back. While he didn’t say that exactly, I think he left little room for doubt:

Thank you all for your kind words! Don’t stop watching #onceuponatime . As I’ve said before. ANYTHING can happen in fairytale land ! X

Also, as many people have pointed out, his IMDB page lists him in 21 episodes. (Edited to add 9/9/12: Now his IMDB page is showing only the eight episodes he was in during Season 1. Hmmm ….)

Edited to add 3/12/13: We now have the answer — see this.

Episode 1.7 “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” recap, review, etc.

(Last edit 12/17/11 — added more screencaps)

Episode 7 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Evil Queen squeezing the Huntsman's heart

In this powerful episode, a character dies just as we were getting to know him. And if we ever had any doubts about whether Regina knew everything, those doubts were laid to rest.


Kisses have a lot of power. A kiss brought Snow White back to life in the Pilot. A kiss, in this episode, tears a rupture in the wall between the fairytale and modern worlds and brings Graham’s fairytale memories back. Continue reading