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“Cleaner & Hatters” sign in the Mysterious Man’s room

The Mysterious Man’s room, with the “Cleaner and Hatters” sign visible on the back wall, in Episode 2×01 “Broken”

Close-up of the “Cleaner & Hatters” sign

I originally thought that the Mysterious Man was Baelfire, Rumpelstiltskin’s son, because Bae is one of the major characters we are still waiting for, who we know will have to show up at some point.

But then I started thinking more about the odd objects in the Mysterious Man’s room, especially the “Cleaner & Hatters” sign. That certainly seems to suggest the MM has some connection with Jefferson (the Mad Hatter) and/or with Wonderland, and is therefore unlikely to be Bae — unless Bae, for some reason, likes to collect things that could refer to other worlds — or unless Bae does have a connection with Jefferson/Wonderland — or unless the clue itself is a red herring, meant to take us down the wrong path.

What do you think?

Recap 1.19 “The Return”

I’m taking a few steps back in time to start catching up on the recaps that I missed. The Return was the first episode after the spring hiatus. It was a three-point return: the return of the show from its break, the return of Mary Margaret to her normal life after being released from jail, and (for a few moments) the seeming return of Baelfire to his father. Continue reading

Poll and discussion: What did you think of “The Return”?

Once Upon a Time is back!

What did you think?

Last time, we started the discussion in the “poll thread” comments, instead of waiting for the recap. I thought that worked out really well, so maybe we could try it again.

My first-impression comments and questions are after the jump (warning, if you’re in a later time zone and haven’t seen the episode yet — there are total spoilers there): Continue reading