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  1. In regards to the names used (Fairytale Land/Storybrooke), some are obvious choices (Ruby- Red Riding Hood; Evil Queen- Regina), but others aren’t. In some cases (Prince Charming), they didn’t have anything to work from, so that’s understandable, but could you explain the rest?

    • I know some of them:

      Character names

      Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard — Blanc means “white” in French. One meaning of “blanch” in English is “turn pale.”

      Evil Queen/Regina Mills — Regina means queen. Also, we just found out in The Stable Boy that Regina’s mother was the miller’s daughter, a character in the traditional version of the Rumpelstiltskin story — so that’s where “Mills” comes from.

      Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper — A cricket hops around.

      Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold — In the traditional tale, Rumpelstiltskin spun straw into gold.

      Genie/Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass — A mirror is made of glass.

      Grumpy/Leroy — “Le roy,” in French, means the king. Hmmm … I wonder if that’s a clue.

      (Editing to add): Jefferson (the Mad Hatter) and his daughter Grace — the names are a tribute to the Jefferson Airplane (lead singer Grace Slick) and their song “White Rabbit.”

      Anyone know of any more?

      • One more thing to add to snow white in a newer episode I forget what it’s called but its the one with Ruby and the wolf and crazy grandma. In that episode Red meets Snow but Snow can’t use her real name and says “Call me Margeret, not Mary” So that is also where Mary Margreret Blanchard comes from.

      • This may be true about the last name, however I can also explain the first names. When Snow first meets Red Riding Hood, she does not want Red to know her true identity. She tells her to call her Margaret, but then says to call her Mary instead.

  2. Okay you know how in stable boy August Booth hurts his leg well rough guess I think August is a troll because of his last name Booth. As in troll

  3. GirardeauRose

    Cinderella/Ashley – “Cinders” is a synonym for “Ash”

  4. The biblical David was a shepard turned king. Just like the second Prince Charming.

  5. Oh my god! OH MY GOD! ok. So Regina’s mom was a miller’s daughter who married way up. One remembers, perhaps, that in the original Rumpelstiltskin the main heroine was A MILLER’S DAUGHTER. Is there ANY chance that Regina’s mom was THE miller’s daughter? And if that’s the case, that makes Regina the baby Rumpelstiltskin wanted?!?

    • Yes, Regina’s mom (Cora) must be THAT miller’s daughter. 😉 Mind blowing, isn’t it? And Regina could be the first-born baby Rumpelstiltskin wanted. Another possibility is that Regina could be Cora’s second child, and Cora gave her first-born to Rumpel. In that case, Bae and Regina could be siblings! We’ve already been discussing this. See the post and comments here –> The Miller’s Daughter

      • No, because Rumplestilskin must have been born before Cora becuase in the latest episode (10-7) he says that he taught Cora magic and if that was his mother it wouldn’t make sense that he knew how to use magic. Right?

        • In the original story, Rumpelstiltskin was not the child of the miller’s daughter — he wanted the child of the miller’s daughter for himself. You can read about the original story in the link above.

          In the 10-7 episode (“We Are Both”) Rumpel said he held Regina when she was a baby. It’s looking more and more as if the original tale of the miller’s daughter is being used — at least to some extent — in OUAT.

      • but zelina was the actual first child

    • I don’t think that Bae and Regina are siblings because Rumpelstiltskin had Bae before he acquired the Dark Ones powers.

  6. that is an awesome!!!!! it would make regina the daughter that rumpelstiltksin wanted! thats crazy!

  7. so who else on here thinks that Regina’s mother is the Queen of Hearts?

  8. how did august get the book? and what is he doing to it?

  9. what do you think is happening to August’s legs..He has these spasms.. in his legs… like someone or something wants to emerge from them.. or maybe he is a small person and was poofed to a big person.. I think that rumple is his dad.. so what do u think wb..thanks

    • The leg: He could be Pinocchio, turning back to wood, or the Tin Man, starting to rust. He could be from Wonderland, if he was a small person turned into a large one. I used to think that Rumpel was his father, but after the last episode (The Return), I’m not so sure. There’s a lot of discussion of these questions going on in the main part of the blog, and there are some new polls too, so check them out, and vote! –> Who is August? polls/discussion

  10. Does anyone know if the show has been re-newed for a 2nd season?
    I’d read somewhere it had but everywhere else seems to say that it’s still to be confirmed?

  11. will there be a second season?

  12. When will reruns of season 1 start? I am having major withdrawals.

  13. Any word on whether the network will rebroadcast the season in its entirety? Possibly on ABC Family? We’ve turned so many people on to this show mid-stream and they’d love to see it from the beginning.

  14. There’s no word yet on when or if they are going to rerun the season.

  15. Does anyone one else like Ginny & Josh together? : )

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  17. Does anybody have like inside info about if August gets turned back into human. I think he will but since magic is now different his father might have to go to Regina or Mr.Gold. Those are his only options.

  18. Why does Rumpelstiltskin love Bell? Where is the Beast?

    • Rumpelstiltskin is the beast! I think he loves Belle because she was kind to him — when no one else was. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she is beautiful.

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  20. Whos license plate was thar in the last episode

  21. Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard – besides what was stated before of the blanc meaning white…it could have religious overtone to it as well…Mary is the “virgin” mother in some religions and virgins are portrayed as being white and pure…

    Also, I’ve been looking and haven’t seen a post anywhere but no one has questioned something from the “Outsider” episode…If Jiminy lives…who did Cora kill and disguise as Jiminy as we saaw them at the graveside…Cora made a comment to hook during the episode The Cricket Game…

    Hook: If that’s him, then who did you kill?

    Cora: How do I know? It’s my first day in town.

    Hook: You disguised the body to look like him. If death wasn’t punishment enough… Marvelous work.

    makes me wonder who she killed and if that will come back into play as we get into later episodes.

    I was lucky enough to attend a pannel discussion with the writing team for OUAT at the D23 Expo in California. Not only did I get to see the pilot before it was on the air, but it was actually different then what was aired on ABC. We had to fill out surveys regarding what we liked, didnt like, what we followed, what didnt make sense. It was awesome to see some of the audiences suggestions make their way into the show…Loved the pilot then and have been hooked on the show since.

    • They definitely omitted saying who was in the coffin. At the time I thought the writers just decided to drop it, but I hope you’re right that it will come into play later on.

      That panel discussion sounds fascinating. Do you remember how the pilot you saw differed from the one that was broadcast — and what were the audience suggestions that made it into the show?

  22. Remember how there were references that Jefferson made to Frankenstein/Whale being a Wizard when he described him to Regina, back in Fairytale Land? Well, now we know that Frankenstein does come from a place with names similar to our world, but its black and white. Is it possible that the black and white from Frankenstein’s world is the same black and white world that Dorothy came from in The Wizard of Oz? There were less than subtle references to Frankenstein being part of that story.

    Disney is also coming out with a new movie about the Wizard of Oz in a few months.

  23. I want to know how the cast can whip up some tears so quickly? I always wanted to know that.

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  25. I would like to know what the name of the song is from 1×21 (at about 18 minutes) when Snow, the fairies and the dwarfs are in the castle and are going to save Charming.

    Here is the scene

    • See the answer to the question below. Mark Isham writes the original music for the show — but I don’t whether he used an existing song or created a new one for this particular scene. I think most of the music for the show is original — except for songs like those that were playing on Neal’s iPod in the season premiere.

  26. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me the name of the song that plays in the 13th episode of season 13. At about 21 minutes, when James and Jack take Tiny to a bar, he tells them that his brothers make fun of him and harpers play in the background.

  27. How come Hook did not lose his memory when he left Storybrooke and travelled to attack Mr. Gold?

    • Probably because he’s not subject to the curse. Not sure, but I think he was in Neverland, not Fairytaleland, at the time the curse was cast.

  28. Who is Tamara? Any ideas?

    • Marj (the blog host previously known as Ms Terri)

      Some theories that have been mentioned: She’s the granddaughter of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother (who was killed by Rumpelstiltskin in Season 1), or she’s a tiger from “The Jungle Book,” or she’s an X-Files-type government agent. I’m leaning towards the first (granddaughter of the Fairy Godmother, now going after Rumple to avenge her grandmother’s death). See the discussion here.

  29. Ugh, craving for a promo 2×19’s episode 2

  30. In regards to regina being the 1st born that Rumple wanted from the Miller’s Daughter…that is correct. But remember Cora made him change their contract stating that Cora would give him his 1st born child…but Cora never had a child with him because she married the price instead. Therefore she never had to follow the contract 😉

  31. Why no summer reruns???

  32. How did Hook, get back to never land if the set the Pegasus sail on fire? and does anyone know who was next to Neal on the boxes Pan set up? Finally, HOW IS REGINA URSULA BECAUSE THERE OBVIOUSLY THE SAME PEOPLE!

    • He used a magic bean that Milah had and would have given to Rumple in exchange for their lives. However, the deal ends up as a tragedy since Milah dies because she broke Rumple’s heart so he kills her out of anger and he cut off one of Hook’s hands because he thought it was the one with the bean.
      If I remember correctly, Neal was next to Wendy.

  33. Regina wasn’t Ursula… at the end of the episode, it shows Regina looking into a mirror and a golden statue of Ursula speaks to her and threatens her so she wont pose as her again. Regina was just trying to appear as Ursula to get to both Ariel and Snow. she was never actually Ursula. :)

  34. What is Regina’s prophecy that involves the man with the lion tattoo and where did it first appear?

  35. Are we having a 4th season

  36. For the 4th season, is the story from the movie of Frozen going to be change or remain the same during the crossover? Will the story happen after Elsa brought back summer? And if the story remains the same and crosses over to Once Upon a Time, how will they do it?

  37. What I don’t understand is why they are bringing in Frozen without first bringing in titles like Brave/Repunzel/Tiana. These princess’ deserve to be in OUAT. Also, why did they bring in The Wicked Witch of The West and Frankinstein, the whole Alice in Wonderland thing was weird enough. I just don’t understand what they have to do with Fairytales, when I think of Fairytales I do not think of these two titles. It’s really odd and I wonder if the writers of this show even realize that it doesn’t make any sense.

  38. Okay this sorta has to do with the show but does I just read the OUAT book that is out in/on iTunes and I must ask WHY ARE SOME SCENES DIFFERENT IN THE BOOK THEN TR SHOW I mean really come on now I have two different versions of a season 1 swimming around in my head I mean I loved the book down get me wrong but really did most of it have to change from what the show is I mean there are some prettyyyyyy big changes in that book then the show and it’s like what woah! I did not see that coming I mean it’s still intesnt yes it took me 3 hours to read it cause I didn’t want to put it down but why change a lot of it now I don’t know what to think or what version I should see season 1 in my brain

  39. If Emma can tell when people are lying, why can’t she tell Sidney is lying in S1.E13/14?

  40. This is an answer to a question: I think August wrote the “Once Upon A Time” book. Think about it, he was a writer and he knew all i the true stories.

  41. ok so in once upon a time the last episode before the winter finale it said its coming back on march 6 and storybrooke might turn into the underworld so everyone dead comes back what about Neal is he coming back also

  42. when once upon a time comes back on is hooks dad coming back

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