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Once Upon a Time is back tonight (Sunday, September 30)

Episode 2.1 Broken

Regina faces angry mob in Season 2 Premiere Episode (screencap from EW’s sneak peek video clip)

Once Upon a Time is back! Season 2 starts tonight, Sunday, September 30, 2012, at 8 pm Eastern time (7 pm Central), with a season premiere episode called Broken.

Editing to add: At 7:00, before the new episode airs, there will be a special called Magic is Coming, an hour-long recap of Season One including the characters’ backstories.

More Season 2 promos

A New Day Dawns — includes comments from the cast:

Some quick glimpses of new scenes:

The Witch is Back:

Info on episode 3 of Season 2

The Siren in 1.13 What Happened to Frederick

The title is Lady of the Lake. I assume the Lady will be the same form-shifting siren that Prince Charming defeated in Season 1, episode 13, What Happened to Frederick.

The official description and a list of guest stars (including someone new) is after the jump (warning — spoilers): Continue reading

Titles of episodes 1 through 6 of Season 2

Episode 1 Broken
Episode 2 We Are Both
Episode 3 Lady of the Lake
Episode 4 The Crocodile
Episode 5 The Doctor
Episode 6 Tallahassee (which sounds like it may be a shout-out to the LOST episode The Man from Tallahassee, which was one of my all-time favorite episodes from that show)

Georgeous new promo — and a heart-stopping moment

I was half-watching this Once Upon a Time promo, when I suddenly saw the face of Terry O’Quinn (Locke on LOST) appear on the screen. For a second, my heart stopped. Could he possibly be joining the show, I wondered — joining fellow LOST alumni Emilie de Ravin, Alan Dale and Jorge Garcia?

And then, a few moments later, I saw the ending credits and realized this was a combined promo for three shows — OUAT and Revenge and 666 Park Avenue, Terry’s new show, which debuts two hours after the OUAT season premiere.

That aside, I think this may be the best promo I’ve seen for OUAT. It has a bit of a surrealistic tinge, which reminds me of some of my favorite creative LOST promos, especially this one.


Info on second episode of Season 2

Cora and the young Snow White in 1.18 The Stable Boy

Once Upon a Time’s second episode of the second season, airing on October 7, 2012, is called We Are Both. It’s written by Jane Espenson,  directed by Dean White, and features the return of Cora, Regina’s mother, who we first met in episode 1.18 The Stable Boy. The seven dwarfs will be back too.  The official plot summary (warning: spoilers) is after the jump:  Continue reading