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Plans for this blog — rethinking the recaps, reading “Fables,” and revisiting the first episode

I need to rethink how I’ve been doing the recaps. I’ve been putting up a first draft on Sunday night and then revising it over the next few days, but that’s probably really confusing to anyone trying to read it. Continue reading

Sixth Kevin Tong Print — Cinderella


Editing to add: I got one!
Update 4:04 PM ET: Gold is sold out. Silver is still available.

The sixth and last print in the Once Upon a Time series will go on sale today, at a random time. Keep an eye on the Mondo Twitter account for an announcement when the print is released.

The Cinderella story depicted in this print is very different from the one I heard as a child. This one goes back to the original tale by the Brothers Grimm.

Inside the silhouette of Cinderella’s ball gown, the print shows a headstone in a graveyard, with flowers blooming behind it and a bird in the tree above.

I don’t remember anything about a grave in the version of the tale I read as a child, but looking now at the Grimm tale, it’s right there in the opening lines: Continue reading

Fifth Kevin Tong Print — Rumpelstiltskin

Once Upon a Time series


This is the fifth and second-to-last print in the Once Upon a Time series. It went on sale at 11:56 a.m. this morning. The gold print is sold out, but there are still copies left of the silver print.

It shows the silhouetted faces of a woman, who I assume is the miller’s daughter in the Grimm Brothers version of the tale, and a sharp-chinned, wart-nosed Rumpelstiltskin, inside a spinning wheel. In the background is a pile of straw (which looks especially nice in the gold print), which resembles the back of a woman’s head. Continue reading

Fourth Kevin Tong print — “Snow White”

Snow White

Editing 12/30 to add: Snow White is sold out. The next print, of Rumpelstiltskin, will be sold on Thursday, January 5. The sixth and last print, Cinderella, will be sold on Thursday, January 12. As always, check the Mondo site or Twitter account on the day of the sale for an announcement when the print becomes available. Continue reading

New Kevin Tong print — Sleeping Beauty

The new prints went on sale an hour ago, and the gold print, which was printed in an edition of 95, sold out in eight minutes!

As of this moment, the silver print, which was printed in an edition of 225, is still available. (Editing to add: It sold out in a few hours.)

Once Upon a Time illustration

Sleeping Beauty by Kevin Tong

The next Once Upon a Time print will go on sale Thursday, December 29, 2011, at a random time on Mondo Tees. Keep an eye on the Mondo News Twitter account on the day of the sale for an announcement when the prints go live.

Kevin Tong’s illustrations are also used in the new Once Upon a Time book.

Georgeous “Once Upon a Time” illustrations by Kevin Tong

1/5/12 — Rumpelstiltskin released
12/29/11 — Snow White released
12/22/11 — Sleeping Beauty released

The creators of Once Upon a Time asked illustrator Kevin Tong to create a series of prints based on Grimms’ fairy tales. The prints were used as illustrations in the new Once Upon a Time book (being released Dec. 20) and are also being sold as limited-edition signed and numbered silkscreen prints.

One print was released last week, and the second was released today, and both have already sold out. They should be releasing a new one every Thursday for the next four weeks, so if you want one, check the site where they are being sold — Mondo — or their Twitter account — Mondo News — for the exact time of the releases, and be prepared to act fast.

Images below the jump: Continue reading