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Any significance to the license plate on Wendy’s brothers’ car?

In the beginning of episode 3×07 Dark Hollow, Wendy’s brothers sped into Storybrooke just as the cloaking spell was coming down to seal off the town and keep them out. The brothers made it in just in the nick of time, but the spell sliced off their back fender, including their license plate.

The camera zoomed in on the plate, which we could see was Minnesota plate number 0920 EAW, with an expiration date of February 2014. The plate also said “100000 Lakes,” which is the normal slogan printed on Minnesota plates. Here’s a screenshot (click on it for a larger image):

License plate from car driven by Wendy's brothers in 3x07 Dark Hollow

License plate from car driven by Wendy’s brothers in 3×07 Dark Hollow

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3x07 Dark Hollow

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