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Why did Rumpelstiltskin cry when he saw the doll? (poll)

Update #2 We saw Rumple’s father giving young Rumple the doll in episode 3×08 Think Lovely Thoughts. Rumple’s father told his son that he was going away for a while to find a real job and that the doll was to keep Rumple company while his father was away. In reality, his father was hanging out in the pubs.

Update: We learned in “Lost Girl,” the second episode of the season, that the doll was the last thing that Rumpel had received from his father before his father left him.

New question: The doll is made of straw. Could there be any connection between that and Rumpel’s ability to spin straw into gold?

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In a scene near the end of the Season 3 premiere episode, we learn that Rumple and Peter Pan are old enemies, and that Rumple believes he won’t survive their next encounter.

Then the Lost Boy tells Rumple that there is something Pan wanted him to have. The Lost Boy tosses a doll on the ground and says, in a sinister tone, “Isn’t it funny how the things we haven’t thought about in years still have the ability to make us cry.”

And Rumple does cry. Here’s a clip of the scene: (Update: clip no longer available — Hulu pulled it)

Why do you think Rumple is crying? I threw out some ideas in the poll below. Do you agree with any of them, or do you have a different theory or theories? Poll results after the jump: Continue reading

Schedule for tonight (October 6, 2013) Once Upon a Time

Michael Raymond-James (Neal/Baelfire) behind the scenes in 3x01 The Heart of the Truest Believer.

Michael Raymond-James (Neal/Baelfire) behind the scenes in 3×01 The Heart of the Truest Believer.

The Season 3 premiere (The Heart of the Truest Believer) will be rerun at 7:00.

Then the new episode (Lost Girl) will air at the usual time — 8:00.

And …. we’re back!

The Season 3 premiere: Heroes and villains must learn to cooperate, pooling their individual talents. Mermaids are treacherous. A nod to LOST is seen in a chase through an island jungle. The Dark One is not in a forgiving mood. Tamara and Greg get a taste of karma. Henry falls into a trap.

I thought it was a pretty good episode, though not a brilliant one. What do you think?

Neverland is a much darker place than you remember

Season 3 Premiere -- Hook

Captain Hook in “Heart of the Truest Believer”

Here’s the official description of tonight’s season premiere. (after the jump) Continue reading

OUAT Season 3’s fall season will be like a “giant movie”

Hook's ship about to fall into the portal to Neverland (end of Season 2)

Hook’s ship about to fall into the portal to Neverland (end of Season 2)

In an interview with TV Line, OUAT creator Edward Kitsis said that the 11 episodes set in Neverland will be “like one giant movie” that will have a “big, summer movie feel.” He promised lots of romance, action, adventure, and uplifting moments.

He also said that Robin Hood’s magic will come with both a price and a debt.

Writer Jane Espenson said, in an interview with Wetpaint, that in Season 3, they will be “really focusing in on the emotional arcs of the characters, especially the core characters.”

When asked if Rumple and Belle were doomed as a couple, she said she would be “surprised if that were the case.”

(hat tip, David)

Titles and writers of first 5 episodes of Season Three Once Upon a Time

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