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Recap of 2×15 The Queen is Dead (aired 3/3/13)

Young Snow is a pretty in pink, but a snobby little brat, sticking her nose in the air when she catches the servant Johanna trying on Snow’s birthday-present tiara. Snow’s mother, Queen Eva, sets her daughter straight, telling her that everyone is equal and the tiara is a symbol that Snow will always hold goodness in her heart. Unfortunately, the kind Queen does not have long to live and soon succumbs to what we will later learn is Cora’s poison. (Continued after the jump). Continue reading

Cora, the Miller’s daughter



Tonight, in “The Queen is Dead,” Cora confirmed that she is the Miller’s daughter. (Continued after the jump) Continue reading

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Info on upcoming episode 2×15 “The Queen is Dead”

Once Upon a Time Bailee Madison and Rena Sofer in 2x15 The Queen is Dead

Young Snow and her mother, Queen Eva, in 2×15 The Queen is Dead

“The Queen is Dead” will air on March 3, 2013. Info after the jump (spoilers): Continue reading