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Poll: What did you think of episode 2×12 “In the Name of the Brother”?

Once Upon a Time In the Name of The Brother

Dr. Frankenstein tries to revive his brother.

What did you think of In the Name of the Brother, which aired on January 20, 2013?

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Sneak peeks for 2×12 In The Name of the Brother

Four video clips are after the jump (warning: spoilers) Continue reading

Who is driving the car that hits Hook at the end of “The Outsider”?

Car hitting Hook at the end of 2x11 ""The Outsider"

Car hitting Hook at the end of 2×11 “”The Outsider”

On an earlier post, we’ve been talking about the possible meaning of 2KFL138, the Pennsylvania license plate that the camera focuses on at the very end of the episode. Here’s a related question (that some people have already started discussing on the earlier post):

Who is the driver of the car?

Why is he or she entering Storybrooke? Did the driver deliberately try to hit Rumpelstilskin and/or Belle? Is it someone we have seen before, or at least heard of?

Let’s look at some of the clues. (After the jump) (possible spoilers) Continue reading

About episode 2×12 “In the Name of the Brother” airing January 20, 2013

Jane Espenson, Once Upon a Time writer

Jane Espenson

In this episode written by Jane Espenson (yay!), someone who we’ve only seen once before is coming back. See who it is after the jump (spoilers). Continue reading